• Extended Day Program

    Extended Day is a licensed childcare, tuition-based program operating at all elementary campuses during the school year and offers a safe and secure environment for children in Grades Pre-K through 5. This district-based program will allow for seamless transition from the end of the instructional day until 6:30 p.m. The program is open during early dismissal and staff development days. The Extended Day Program is owned and operated by the school district and employees of the program work for Pflugerville ISD.

    TAX INFORMATION: Tax statements for regular school year services are handed out to all currently enrolled account holders at the campus by Site Directors during the last two weeks of January each year. Summer Camp tax statements are emailed to the email address on record with us as it was entered on the Summer Camp registration form. For those who were not currently enrolled in January, you may contact the EDP Accounting Associate at Linda.milner@pfisd.net to request an electronic copy of the form. Please ensure that your email address is current in our records.


    • To provide a safe, secure and happy environment
    • To focus on educational, social and physical needs of students
    • To provide on-going training for our staff
    • To utilize school and district resources to strengthen the program
    • To develop and maintain a close working relationship with the school
    • To communicate clearly with parents, staff and school


    Highlights of the program:

    • Serves Students in Grades PK-5
    • Located on all Elementary Campuses
    • Degreed Site Directors preferred
    • Structured Recreational Activities
    • Enrichment Activities
    • Homework Time During Program
    • Seamless Transitions from the Classroom to After School Care
    • Open During Early Dismissal and Staff Development Days beginning with the First Day of School each year
    • Operated by Pflugerville ISD
    • Student to Staff Ratio Below State Minimum Standards 
    Contact Us:

    Pflugerville Independent School District

    Extended Day Program
    1401 W. Pecan Street
    Pflugerville, TX 78660
    Phone: 512-594-0148
    Follow us on Facebook: @PfISDExtendedDay



    All Day Out Dates & Locations:

    • All Day Out EDP Services are included in regular monthly tuition for October 5th and 8th, January 7th, February 18th, and March 15th of the 2018-19 school year. Due to lower student attendance on these student holidays, we consolidate EDP services into only 6 locations. Please see the list below for assigned service locations for 2018-19 All Day Outs and talk with your Site Director at your home campus if you have any questions and to sign up for each All Day Out event.

     ALL DAY OUT Locations for 2018-19 are:   


    • Barron Elementary EDP go to DESSAU ELEMENTARY.
    • Brookhollow EDP stay at BROOKHOLLOW.
    • Caldwell EDP stay at CALDWELL.
    • Copperfield EDP go to DESSAU ELEMENTARY.
    • Dearing EDP go to HIGHLAND PARK. 
    • Delco Primary EDP go to DESSAU ELEMENTARY.
    • Dessau Elementary EDP stay at DESSAU ELEMENTARY.
    • Highland Park EDP stay at HIGHLAND PARK.
    • Murchison EDP stay at MURCHISON.
    • Mott EDP go to MURCHISON.
    • Northwest EDP stay at NORTHWEST.
    • Parmer Lane EDP go to NORTHWEST.
    • Pflugerville Elementary EDP go to BROOKHOLLOW.
    • River Oaks EDP go to NORTHWEST.
    • Riojas EDP go to MURCHISON.
    • Rowe Lane EDP go to HIGHLAND PARK.
    • Springhill EDP go to BROOKHOLLOW.
    • Timmerman EDP go to BROOKHOLLOW.
    • Wieland EDP go to DEASSU ELEMENTARY.
    • Windermere Elementary go to CALDWELL.
    • Windermere Primary go to CALDWELL.

    Program Hours at Campus Sites:

    REGULAR SCHOOL DAYS: end of school until 6:30 p.m.
    STAFF DEVELOPMENT ALL DAY OUTS: 7:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m. at assigned site (see above for details)
    CAMP DAYS:  7:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m. at camp location 


    Office Hours of the EDP Administrative Offices:
    Monday-Friday         8:00 am - 5:00 pm
    The EDP office is closed on all holidays designated by the district for both students and staff. During holiday camps in November, December, January, and March, the EDP office is closed for business; however, the camp site is open for EDP childcare as advertised. 

    EDP Handouts & Links:


    Tuition Payment Forms



    All tuition and fees are per child. Automatic payment during the school year may be made monthly or bi-monthly by credit card or bank account via Tuition Express. Please print the attached form(s) and return to the EDP office. Other payment options include online self-pay, credit card point of sale at some campuses, in person payments made directly at the EDP office during office hours, or use of the after-hours drop box located to the left of the PISD Administration Building front doors.