• Welcome to Hendrickson's Counseling & Student Services!

    The HHS Counseling Program seeks to help all students succeed in school and to help them achieve their dreams for the future. To accomplish this, we focus our support in three important areas:  career and post-secondary planning, personal and social development, and academic achievement.

     Counselors & Student Support Staff 
    Leigh Ann Spradlin College & Career Counselor 512-594-1128
    Andy Harvey Students A-Cr 512-594-1122
    Wresha Torrez  Students Cu-Hi  512-594-1127
    Lead Counselor, Students Ho-Mor 512-594-1120
    Students Mos-Sa 512-594-1123
    Students Sc-Z 512-594-1115
    Lori Carl Social Worker 512-594-1176
    Cynthia Grochowski Registrar 512-594-1137
    Geneva Lechler Registrar 512-594-1143
    Julie Dimmitt Student Services Admin Assistant 512-594-1125
     Important Links: 
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    **  COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS way to report bullying:  CyberBully Hotline 
         - Call or text (512) 258-3144 to report 

    Examples of how students can use the CyberBully Hotline...

    • If they are being bullied by anyone and are afraid to approach a staff member at school
    • If they think no one will understand the situation they are in
    • If they hear someone boasting about any kind of potential violence
    • If they know someone is being harassed online
    • If they or someone they know is receiving mean or hateful text messages or images
    • If they are not sure if they should call or not..tell them to call or text anyway
     ** Refer to the Course Selection Guide for descriptions of our courses.