Our Values

We believe that…

  • The community expects and supports a quality education as the key to student success.
  • A strong work ethic strengthens our schools and community.
  • A safe community contributes to the quality of life in Pflugerville ISD.
  • All individuals have worth.
  • Education is an important priority that keeps our community productive and healthy.
  • Our children are afforded equitable educational opportunities to achieve their potential.

Our Vision

Our students are...

  • Productive citizens committed to the community.
  • Enthusiastic learners who practice continual self development.
  • Sensitive to others’ needs and feel safe, both physically and emotionally.
  • Applying and understanding technology.
  • Positive role models.
  • Setting challenging personal goals to achieve their full potential.
  • Effective problem solvers and decision makers who communicate clearly and work well independently and as team members.
Last Modified on May 22, 2012