• Life Insurance

    As an employee you can apply for valuable life insurance protection on you and your family. Unlike group term life insurance, your Texas Life policy is a personally owned, permanent individual life insurance policy guaranteed to age 95 that can never be cancelled or reduced as long as you pay the necessary premiums, even if your health changes.

    Once the policy is issued, continued employment is not a condition to continue coverage. Coverage is guaranteed as long as the required premiums are paid, even after you retire or terminate employment. When employment ends, you can pay equivalent monthly premiums directly to Texas Life or by bank draft.

    You may apply for an individual policy on your life or your spouse’s life. An individual policy for $25,000 is also available on each of your children ages 15 days to 26, and your grandchildren ages 15 days to 18.

    Other highlights to the plan: 

    • Minimal cash value premiums dedicated primarily to purchase life insurance
    • Level premium guarantees coverage for a significant period of time
    • Unique limited right to partial refund of premium if future premium required to continue coverage increases
    • No surrender charges apply
    • Accelerated death benefit due to terminal illness included
    • Convenient premium payments through payroll deductions


    Texas Life Non-Tobacco Monthly Premiums

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