Career and Technical Education

 Department List  
 Ryan Merritt  Director, Career & Technical Education  512-594-0118
 Avery Woods  Coordinator, Career & Technical Education  512-594-0166
 Carol Greene  Accounting Specialist, Career & Technical Education  512-594-0117
 Amber Ham  Department Chair, Connally High School  512-594-0916
 James Baker  Department Chair, Hendrickson High School          512-594-1100
 Chris Riola  Department Chair , Pflugerville High School
 Diane Bode Department Chair, Weiss High School                         512-594-1400
Mission of PfISD Career and Technical Education
To develop partnerships and programs providing each student with the skills and knowledge to excel in a diverse, global society for life long success.

Vision of Career and Technical Education
The vision of the PfISD Career and Technical Education program is to provide a comprehensive program that will give students the opportunity to excel and advance their skills and knowledge to be prepared for post secondary endeavors through rigorous curriculum, relevant experiences and lasting relationships.

Programs in Career and Technical Education will:

*Offer pathways to post-secondary transitions
*Provide career development
*Link to business and industries of the region
*Reflect the diversity of the district enrollment
*Embrace students of all learning abilities
*Provide College Articulations connections
*Provide ability to earn certifications
*Offer leadership opportunities through CTE student organizations