• The Year Ahead---from the Principal
    Mr. Ernest
    This is an exciting time for the Cele Community. In our third year, we are no longer a “New” school. Instead, we have focused our attention on being a “Great” school. We have developed a unique Cele culture based on Respect, Responsibility and GRIT.  Our students work very hard and are nice to people.
    First, you will hear us talk about “Respect and Responsibility” daily. We celebrate that our students are so very respectful and responsible. Visitors to our campus last year were generally surprised at the level of respect the students demonstrate to others. We invite parents to visit our campus and witness the special “feel” that exists at Cele.

    Our academic goals are both lofty and simple. We want every (EVERY) student to get a little smarter every day. That is to say, we want to make sure that every student is learning while they are here at Cele. We will not focus on the students who struggle, nor on the students who achieve the most readily. We will not focus on any particular group of students nor any particular grade level of students. We will work hard, again and again, to ensure that every child is receiving the best education we can possibly give to them and this means that they learn each and every day.

    We also know that when students become stronger readers and writers, they become more successful learners. There is a tremendous body of research available to support the value of student literacy. We will work to strengthen our students’ literacy so that they can be stronger learners.

    With this in mind, we put tremendous energy into regular re-evaluation of “WHAT” we are teaching and “HOW” we are teaching. We know that the right combination of “What” and “How”, mixed an appropriate amount of “Literacy”, will allow us to achieve the tremendous level of success for which we aim.

    Our Colts have become very familiar with the term “GRIT”. We talk about it every day. We define “GRIT” as hard work, dedication, stick-with-it-ness, resilience and determination. It is what makes the difference between meeting or exceeding expectations. Our students work hard. They challenge themselves and they strive to meet the challenges.  We celebrate that our students show so much “GRIT”. You will hear us reference “GRIT” again and again. It has become a defining part of our culture; who we are. Our students are very proud of their “GRIT”, as they should. Colt Grit Won’t Quit

    So, as a parent or a community member, you can expect to hear the following terms regularly:

    You will see that these are not merely terms that we use. This is who we are and who we will work to be. Please look for opportunities to discuss these terms with your child. They will know exactly what each means.

    Finally, we know that the only way to have a great school is through the combined efforts of determined students, dedicated teachers and supportive parents. We don’t just want your help; we need your help… if we are to achieve our goals. We look forward to partnering with our parents and community for the benefit of the kids.

    Thank you in advance for all you do to make Cele such a special place!


    Brian Ernest
    Principal, Cele