• SHAC Meeting Minutes: May 2019

    Posted by Marcial Guajardo on 5/24/2019 10:00:00 AM

    Minutes: May 14, 2019

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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes - March 2019

    Posted by Kyndall Jirasek on 3/12/2019

     SHAC Meeting Minutes- 3/12/19 

    • Meeting was called to order at 1805 
    • Geoff Holle introduced MaryKatharine Crowley, the new Aramark registered dietician. Geoff also provided an update on nutrition services and summer feeding programs. It was suggested that we invite Chef Patrick to the May SHAC meeting to provide samples, as in years past. Geoff to facilitate this. 
    • Michelle Davies provided an update on the implementation of the Big Decisions curriculum per Michael Moak, who was unable to attend the meeting. Day 1 of training for all 7th and 8th grade middle school science teachers was completed today. Day 2 on 3/13/19 will complete the staff training. Following the training, Michael will meet with teachers to discuss implementation of lessons. Two parent information meetings will be scheduled at the end of April. 

    UPDATE from Michael Moake (3/14/19): Teacher training has been completed. An additional training will take place in Fall 2019 for high school health teachers and any new middle school science teachers who are hired over the summer. Michael verbalizes time constraints on teaching Big Decisions this spring. Thus, not all activities will be delivered, but all subjects/lessons will be covered. The initial implementation of the curriculum will occur the week after STAAR testing in May. Michael will next meet with teachers to discuss delivery of curriculum. A parent letter will be drafted and information regarding implementation will be communicated to campus principals. 

    • Samantha Supernaw (parent) verbalized concern about recent losses in the district (Loss of staff member and public suicide attempt by student) and inquiring about district response in regards to support of students and staff. Discussion of need for suicide prevention education and need for employees to be aware of access to the Employee Assistance Program for support when these tragic events occur. Michelle Davies will consult with Vicky Esparza-Gregory, lead social worker for clarification. 
    • Docia Craft mentioned Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) as a coordinated school health program that includes social/emotional learning. This could be a future consideration for the SHAC. 
    • Sample Vision-Mission-Goal statements were provided for discussion and council developed PfISD statements for consideration. Michelle Davies to wordsmith each statement and send out to council via email. Council to vote on adopting these statements in the May meeting. 
    • Consideration for changes/additions to SHAC bylaws was presented by Michelle Davies and discussed with the council. Several changes were recommended. Michelle will make changes and send to council via email. Council to vote on updated bylaws in the May meeting. 
    • Meeting was adjourned at 1950. 
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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes - Jan. 2019

    Posted by Kyndall Jirasek on 1/15/2019


                         January 15, 2019

                      1401 W. Pecan - Boardroom

                           6:00 - 7:30pm


    1. Welcome


    1. Introductions


                Sex Education curriculum update-(from Mike)

    • Will be presenting curriculum at the end of this year
    • High school discussion will be inviting others for the discussions. Once discussion, will send information to the middle schools as well.
    • Teacher training is with the company, and will be 2 full days training. He is expecting push back from principals but will move forward looking to train about 32 science teachers.
    • How many teachers per campus? Purchasing 35 and about 32 teachers, 6 campus about 5 to 6 teachers at each campus.



    III.    Dr. Bobby Mansouri- Skin Cancer from Sonova Dermotology

    • Found time to be in community, like middle school mentor, in residency project at elementary school did a skit on melanoma. Feel they can reach more students on a platform like SHAC. Has it broken down between elementary, middle and high school. Across the board sun block is main initiative. Most skin cancer is caused by exposure of sun from ages 1 to 18. Middle and high school, conversation goes towards tanning which can double the risk.
    • Acne is something he sees every day, there is a lot of product out there. 2 things over counter is differen cream, first line product for acne. A wash with benzoyl peroxide, (PanOxyl good wash in general) if use these for 3 months most will get cleared out. Acne will get worse before it gets better and have to give it at least 3 months. 25% after that if they still have acne then it is time to see a dermatologist.
    • SP recommend is 50%, SP 30% is put together in lab that is controlled with a thick layer of sun screen, so real world equivalent is sp 50% and applying every couple of hours. Differences of sun screen and sun block, which sun block is better. Should say zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.
    • Eczema, high now a day, kids tend to grow out of it. More so in African American and Asian American, run in concert with asthma. The itch that rashes. A lot of the strategies is moisturizing skin.
    • Food allergies tend to produce eczema less.
    • Another thing he sees in kids is warts, over counter recommend is wart stick, works good or duct tape works because you rip the tape off which irritate the wart because body does not get it to recognize it and immune system might take care of it. Sorioisus is similar to eczema.
    • Does people with dark skin use sun block, the answer is yes, anyone can get skin cancer. Only 2/3 of skin cancer come up on sun exposed skin.
    • Are you interested in coming out to the school? Yes, open to suggestions, on what students or parents are interested in talking about?
    • A lot of topics seem good for middle school or high school? Yes ready.
    • Like the idea of talking to students earlier. The earlier the better.
    • Any thoughts on spray tanning, a good alternative. Has not read anything bad in any of the chemicals in tanning solution. One of the ways most effective to girls of 14 to 18 is the risk of looking older quicker. It is aging their skin.
    • It is a topic in CATCH that talks about it. Might want to include in health curriculum.
    • Not allowed to give samples of sun screen. Deodorant is sealed and less likely to be shared. Stay out the soon, use hats.
    • Is there is a cost for presentation? No he is volunteering his time.


    1. By-Laws Update- Will be putting together a group to take a look and make suggestions. Will have it ready by the next meeting. Hutto had bylaws, might take a look at Georgetown also.

    Hard to accomplish a lot without a clear mission. Anything else lacking or not following through, A quorum was not addressed, for example last spring about members that go to meeting per year. There is not a clear definition of membership. Certain way of getting on with a minimum of 10 meetings. Have representative for elementary, middle, and high school.

    Parent mention that each school should have 3 parent volunteers to have to make a good representative. Looking for at least 1 for campus. Huge turnout several years ago when there was a shoe drive.

    When looking at committees, they start big and then dedicated go down. If we do something big every year, we should start off on such a high note.

    Like the idea of having a kick off at the beginning of the year, Chef Patrick does not mind cooking again.

    We need to promote it and try to get 1 or 2 parents from each school. Have principals suggest 1 or 2 parents. One of the best ways to engage parents through arts or interested in their 504. Flyer and facebook were very good to promote.

    Does not describe who is a member. Does not have how to become a member, right now if you show up you are a member. Suggest to have quorum be 1/3 of members. Did not have SHAC meeting on district calendar.

    Andrea had good ideas on how to engage and get the message out.

    Mrs Mont in attendance, today saw first hospital opened, looking for a push on wellness and how they can create some opportunities.   

    Mayor’s fitness council opens up applications later this spring.

    Million mile is April. Physical activity helps everything. Students who sit up straight are better learner.

    Habit Share a good app to create good apps.

    Red on February 1st, blue sky walk. Go outside and breathe the air. It was happening all over the district, encouraging teachers 10 minutes go outside not particular time.

    This coming May we will be electing a chair. 2 years already. Will send it out, the co-chair and secretary are good for another year.

    1. Ideas on topics for March meeting presentation

                Brainstorm on back to school event, send emails to Charles.


    Next meeting March 12, 2019


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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes - Nov. 2018

    Posted by Kyndall Jirasek on 11/13/2018


    AGENDA - November 13, 2018

    1401 W. Pecan- Boardroom

    6:00 - 7:30pm


    1. Welcome
    2. Introductions
    3. Michael Moak, secondary science coordinator, to discuss progress on implementation of Big Decisions
      1. Implement with 7th and 8th grade science teachers, received curriculum itself and took a look over it. Met with administrators, talk about how and when to implement. 10 day curriculum so it does take time. Recommendation of that group was to deliver the full curriculum in the 8th grade year at the end of the year after STAAR testing. Several 7th grade teachers want to take parts of it and teach it at the end of the year.
      2. Really liked the goal setting piece of curriculum, maintain it each year. Pieces on relationships and healthy relationships, the anatomic aspect, abstinence section.
      3. Want to make sure whatever the decisions to this council and school board is passed on to him.
      4. Will need to send out a letter to parents about delivery. When it comes to consent they will use an opt out option. Here is an opt out form if parent does not want student to participate.
      5. Wants to be a permanent member moving forward of SHAC
      6. Opened up to questions
        1. Teacher buy in?
    1. Some teachers need coaching
    2. People who showed up, have implemented something like this in other district
    3. Some wanted more information to know what it was like
    4. He cannot go to every teacher, but trying to get administrators involve so they know how to navigate through it.
        1. Is there other options for outside of abstinence.
    1. Yes, contraceptive, abstinence plus, some not appropriate for 7th grade, but by 8th they will receive the entire curriculum

          3.What were you doing before and what has changed.

    1. Lifeguard used to be delivered from outside vendor.
    2. This committee came together and put together several presentations, and then made suggestion to School Board
    3. This is new to teachers and why some teachers might be hesitant
    1. We set up a sub committee to evaluate the program, to early in the stages to evaluate, might want to wait a couple of years before evaluating, is this correct?
      1. There might be a good metrics to use this year
      2. Would be nice to give a little runaway and not want to be evaluated in the first year.
    1. Geoffe Holle to provide update on nutrition committee
      1. Request for a formulized document to replace communication, opting out second ala carte menu
      2. Template was passed from Docia,will be willing to forward document, this will help clear up any ambiguity. Would be willing to attached to food services document, on website.
        1. Submitted it by email, parent would like different options
        2. Other one was very medical language, but one was very forthright. Parent felt other one was a little more detail. Would like some maybe more detail items.
    1. Would be hard to list every single item
    2. But can give a little better definition and link to list of items, and requirements
        1. This would be for new parents into the district.
        2. Can be posted on district website, and in first aid kit.
        3. When using the statement, Reimbursement tray, this could be confusing to parents. Question asked, Is there a way to use something else.?
    1. This is a universal USDA term used
        1. Would it be possible to turn in back into the school?
    1. Make it get back to Cafeteria Manager
        1. Discussion on when to deliver it
    1. Can it be attached to cafeteria food
    2. Website
    3. Early forms
    4. Geoffe suggestion is to put it on district website
    5. Can it be emailed out? Geoffe does not have that power to email a mass blast. Can it be passed down by principle? Be in the first newsletter with a link.
    6. Decided: Will put it in principle newsletter, put it in the cafeteria document that goes out in Sept, and will be on district website.
    1. Tools for Nutrition
      1. Provide tools to teachers to offer healthier snacks for any school parties, more fresh items so instead of cupcakes. Lot of healthy examples given. There is a blur if it is bake to be store bought so allergies are known.
      2. Will be emailed to Charlie
    2. Mayors fitness Awards
      1. PFISD represented and won in a big way, healthiest elementary, middle school (SEAL) , and employee as a district. It is due to work done within SHAC.
      2. Will have 3 grants to use toward wellness
      3. 9 exemplary schools
    3. By-laws update
      1. Want to look at them, have some ideas on administration
      2. Going to compare to other districts
      3. Need to add some more items to them
      4. Copies from other districts were passed around
      5. Need to meet maybe before holiday to discuss and review some more items
      6. Need to reach out to Charlie to be part of this group
      7. Will send out current bylaws by email from Charlie
    4. Questions
      1. Any updates on the Bus?
        1. District buying new buses with own bus drivers
        2. Strongly advocate for drivers to be CPR certified, first aid and know some basic knowledge on diabetic and other medical issues.
    1. District is covered by FERPA, so medical documents cannot be shared
    2. Bus drivers switch routes


    Next Meeting January 15, 2019

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  • SHAC Minutes Sept. 2018

    Posted by Kyndall Jirasek on 11/1/2018

    PfISD SHAC Minutes

    AGENDA - September 11, 2018

    1401 W. Pecan - Boardroom

    6:00 - 7:30pm


    I.    Welcome and moment of silence to remember 9/11/2001

         Meeting started 6:08


    II.    Introductions: Parents-Cristina Garcia,Felicia Castillo,Samantha Supernaw,Gina Mata,Mindi McGarry,Melody Ryan,Charlie Torres,Ina Zamarripa

    PfISD-Dawn Schmitt,Melissa Malinowski,Docia Craft,Andrea Willis,GeoffHolle,Julia Lehle

    PfISD School Board Trustee Renae Mitchell


    III.   Elect a Co-Chair

    -In case of Charlie absence, go over the topics and be prepared to run the meeting
    -Any volunteers or nominations,
    -Felicia Castillo- 4 children, oldest at high school, 8th grade son, 4th and kinder at Parmer Lane, stay home mom, and now she is back.
    -Only Felicia Castillo nominated for SHAC co-chair
    -Motioned by Melody Ryan and 2nd by Mindi McGarry to elect Felicia Castillo as co-chair by acclamation. Motion passed unanimously

    IV.   Elect a secretary- Angel Toscano


    -Only Angel Toscano nominated for SHAC secretary
    -Motioned by Docia Craft and 2nd by Mindi McGarry, to elect Angel Toscano as secretary by acclamation . Motion passed unanimously


    V.    Recap last year accomplishments

    -Mainly to pass new Sexual Education curriculum that Big Decisions

    -Still open to look for other curriculum for other grade levels, was mainly a stepping stone
    -Integrated into 7th and 8th grade science
    -High School able to use pieces to enhance current curriculum
    -5th grade maturation videos were discussed, unanimously were changed to Always Changing and Growing for 5th grade boys, same video Lets Talk for 4th grade girls, boys did not need maturation but Hygiene video, yes.

    VI.   Update of Progress on Big Decisions

    -Handed over to curriculum and scheduling. Teacher training will be implemented this year, might do training separate, first Middle School and then High School
    -Invite Curriculum specialist for next meeting
    -In general parents are pleased stated by Melody Ryan

    VII.   Coordinated School Health highlights pfisd.net/Page/913

              Docia Craft

    ·      First did an icebreaker, super hero and nemesis

    ·      Once of month 31 people get together and plan for Pflugervile healthy and well, gave some praise to them

    ·      Invited to the meetings 8/27, 9/24, 10/29, 11/26/ 2018 and 1/28, 2/25, 3/25/2019

    ·      9 sites earning the 2018 ATX Mayors Healthiest School Ratings

    o   Caldwell Elementary

    o   Dearing Elementary

    o   Murchison Elementary * 2nd year award

    o   Parmer Lane Elementary

    o   River Oaks Elementary * 2nd year award

    o   Rowe Lane Elementary * 2nd year award

    o   Wieland Elementary

    o   Windermere Primary

    o   Cele Middle * 2nd year award

    ·      Pflugerville Wellness Programs 2018 Healthiest Worksite Award.

    ·      Fuel up to Play 60, paid by dairy association, represented by NFL players, Has a Grant, fueluptoplay60.com

    o   Geoff Holle- reported an end of year report for each campus

    o   Will have $2,000 at every campus if received.

    o   Could use additional support


    VIII.  Suggestions on topics to be addressed in 2018-2019 school year

    Geoffe Holle-

    ·      Start of school went well

    ·      Community feeding programs over the summer, 18 or under can go to campus for free breakfast and lunch for free served over 200 additional students

    ·      4 meals a day is on the way

    ·      Offer complimentary fruit and vegetable at elementary schools at all campus

    ·      Updates, 4th pod (provisions on demand) at Connally high school, offering quick grab and go items, also for free and reduced services

    ·      Promoting school lunch week Oct 12th - 16th

    o   Enhance locally grown items

    ·      Today was discover vegetable or fruit, once a month

    ·      Registered dietitian Julia is now working with Food and Services

    ·      Big press, freed and reduced participation, increase it and watch it grow.

    ·      All Pre-K this year qualify free breakfast and lunch

    ·      Breakfast largest growing program

    ·      Couple of questions from parent about the grab and go program and pods.




    IX.    Committee(s) on topic(s) to be addressed 

    ·      Look over the bylaws, revisit them (Charlie and Docia took as action item and will bring it back to the council)

    o   Health services, on the SHAC page

    ·      Teaching an encouraging better snacks in schools

    o   Discussion on nutritional information on food and difference between school meals and snacks vs branded grocery items

    o   How to educate parents and kids to make better choices

    o   (Volunteered for a committee, Docia, Geoff, Christine Garcia, Samantha Supernaw, Mindi McGarry, Angel Toscano)

    ·       Bus services, and transportation in general

    o   AISD and Round Rock have their own district bus drivers, AISD bus drivers trains their drivers on first aid, epi pens, insulin crisis,

    o   Round Rock calls 911 and does nothing

    o   PFISD, does nothing like Round Rock

    o   Don’t have aids on bus, only on special ed

    o   Refer these items and suggestions to Dr. Gallow

    ·      Explore Sex Ed options for the High School Level, 16, 17 and 18 year old.

    o   (Melody Ryan would like to chair that committee)


    Meeting adjourned 7:38pm



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  • SHAC Agenda May 17

    Posted by Kyndall Jirasek on 4/21/2017

    School Health Advisory Council Agenda

    May 9, 2017




    Approval of Minutes - March       

    Standing Committee/Staff Facilitator Members                                  

                Nutrition – Geoff Holle

                Healthy Environments – Kevin Myers

                Health Services – Darla Roessler

                Staff Wellness – Docia Craft

                Counseling & Social Services – Vicky Esparza-Gregory        

                Health Education – Deena Bosier

                Physical Education – Deena Bosier

                Psychological Services – Ashely Arnold


    Chef Patrick


    Discussion of Elections for 2017 - 2018          





    Proposed 2017-2018 SHAC Meeting Dates

    All SHAC meetings are held in the PfISD Board Room

    September 12, 2017

    November 14, 2017

    January 9, 2018

    March 6, 2018

    May 8, 2018

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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: 2016-17

    Posted by Marcial Guajardo on 11/3/2016

    Sept. 13 meeting:

    Examples provided by Geoff Holle/Nutrition: 

    • Summer feeding and community feeding was a success
    • Meal growth over prior year has been one of the key successes as we start back to school
    • To date, return to school has been very positive
    • Additional lines and RJES and HHS to alleviate growth
    • Past concept additions to high schools include PODs, food trailers, and additional meal periods
    • "Go For More" fresh fruit and vegetable offering is in its 8th year.
    • Meals offered throughout district include breakfast, lunch, snacks and suppers at various campuses. We have added six universal breakfast programs in the past year
    • Pflugerville Pfriends weekend backpack program has grown from two campuses and 30 children to over 300 children in Pflugerville.


    Dates for the 2016-2017 School Year:

    • September 13, 2016
    • November 8, 2016
    • January 10, 2017
    • March 7, 2017
    • May 9, 2017


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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: 2015

    Posted by Kyndall Jirasek on 9/8/2015

    School Health Advisory Council Pflugerville ISD

    September 8, 2015, 6:00pm
    PfISD Board Room



    Welcome and Introductions

    Nutrition – Linley Danner
    Healthy Environments – Bill Clayton
    Health Services – Janet Long
    Staff Wellness – Docia Craft
    Counseling & Psychosocial Services – Vicky Esparza Gregory Health Education – Deena Bosier
    Physical Education – Deena Bosier


    Presenter: Maureen Briton President/Executive Director Children’s Optimal Health



    2015-2016 SHAC Meeting dates

    September 8th

    November 10th

    January 12th

    March 8th

    May 10th

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