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Character Education Words of the Week

October: Bullying Prevention Month


The quality to be brave to do something that is right and difficult and stand up with valor.


Week                    Word of the Week                                                         Define

2nd – 6th                Courage                                            To have strength to be brave and do the right thing.

9th – 13th              Integrity            Steadfast adherence to a strict code of moral, ethical or artistic   

                                                                            values; to consistently be truthful and fair.

16th – 20th         Service                          Contribution to the well-being and welfare of others.

23rd – 30th         Self-Reliance             Relying on one’s own abilities, efforts or judgements to stand up for   

                                                                   what is right.

Guidance Lesson :  It takes courage to stand up for someone! (Don’t be a by standard!)