• Staff Directory

    Area Executive Directors & Admins
    Brandy Baker Chief Academic and Innovation Officer 512-594-0188
    Trana Allen  Area Superintendent of the Panther Learning Community 512-594-5636
    Dr. John O'Hare Area Executive Director of the Hawk Learning Community 512-594-1336
    Alma Gonzalez-Castillo  Area Executive Director of the Cougar Learning Community 512-594-0803
    Brian Dawson Area Executive Director of the Wolf Learning Community 512-594-0153
    Sabrina Spires Ex. Admin. Associate to Chief Academic & Innovation Officer 512-594-0196
    Ina Garza

    Ex. Admin. Associate to AED over Hawk Learning Community

    Corey Shepperd

    Ex. Admin. Associate to AED's over Panther Learning Community

    Milaura Singletary

    Ex. Admin. Associate to AED's over Cougar Learning Community

    Deborah Labay

    Ex. Admin. Associate to AED's over Wolf Learning Community



    Curriculum and Innovation
    Holly Galloway Director of Curriculum and Innovation 512-594-0044
    Krista Perez Ex. Admin. Associate to Curriculum & Innovation 512-594-0150
    Stephanie Harrison Accounting Specialist 512-594-0115
    Korey B. Sykes Continuing Professional Education Specialist              512-594-0045
    Jerry Karacz Student Success and Rti Coordinator 512-594-0123
    Valerie Sosa Early Literacy Coordinator 512-594-0104
    Shannon Pourmanafzadeh Elementary ELA Coordinator  512-594-0131 
    Kimberly Roark Elementary Social Studies Coordinator 512-594-0127
    Sue Ann DeCuir Elementary Science Coordinator              512-594-0121
    Yolando Hoard Elementary Math Coordinator  512-594-0135
    Melissa Dobrenel Secondary Math Coordinator 512-594-0120
    Michael Moak Secondary Science Coordinator 512-594-0108
    Cortney Esquitin Secondary Language Arts Coordinator                          512-594-0109
    Marc Schwarz Secondary Social Studies Coordinator  512-594-0110
    Stephanie Bonnet-Kramer Coordinator, Prekindergarten 512-594-0093


    Accountability, Compliance & Assessment
    Karen Shah  Executive Director of Accountability & Compliance  512-594-0067 
    Kelly Bertholf Assistant Director of Accountability 512-594-0126
    Player Richardson Coordinator of Assessment 512-594-0112


    Federal & State Programs
    Christy Fox Director of Federal and State Programs 512-594-0106
    Karen Shah Executive Director of Accountability & Compliance 512-594-0067
    Sharon Erickson Federal and State Programs Specialist 512-594-0146
    Linda Littlefield Sr. Associate Federal and State Programs 512-594-0130


    Multilingual Instruction
    Cara Schwartz Executive Director of Special Programs 512-594-0068
    Gema Hanson Director of Multilingual Instruction                                 512-594-0192
    Lisa Westbrook Senior Administrative Associate 512-594-0113
    Stephanie Harrison Accounting Specialist 512-594-0115
    Natalia Carrillo Multilingual Curriculum/LOTE Coordinator 512-594-0137
    Hannah Davis Secondary ESL Specialist 512-594-0194
    Vanessa Cockroft ESL & LPAC Coordinator 512-594-0183
    Donna Layton High School New Comer Program Facilitator  512-594-0889 
    Neny Zavaleta Coordinator of Dual Language Program  512-594-0157
    Tanya Quezada Dual Language Specialist 512-594-0078
    Frances Vargas Dual Language Specialist  512-594-0077 
    Maribel Hernandez Translation and Parent Support Specialist 512-594-0175
    Alejandra Mireles Dual Language Specialist 512-594-0079
    Emily Rivera Elementary ESL Specialist 512-594-0105