Westview Middle School


Student Support Services: Raising Achievement for Underserved Students


At Westview Middle School, we serve 847 students with an urban demographic at a suburban location. Our pre-AP participation has increased from 1,013 student class periods in 2011-2012 to 1,357 student class periods in 2014-2015, with strong performance in all subject areas.


What are the factors and practices that have produced our success?

  • Westview's pre-AP program is a part of a district-wide effort encompassing three high schools and six middle schools. Within the district's AP program, there are clearly identified roles and leadership.

  • We have broadly adopted the pre-AP concept and provide time for vertical teaming with Connally High School.

  • We scour our classes to find students capable of being successful in pre-AP classes. This includes input from parents, teachers, and administration. We look for student strengths based on both data and personality and don’t adhere to rigid guidelines.

  • Our teachers are trained, we adopt best practices and we make deliberate use of College Board, LTF (Laying the Foundation) and NSMI workshops and materials.

  • Our teachers understand the necessity of both challenging and supporting students. They may not be pre-AP students when they enter our classrooms so we make an effort to fill the gaps, have clearly identified and understood safety nets and provide extra time on task through both tutorials and Saturday prep sessions. Challenge lies in our level of expectations, our attention to detail and clear communication rather than in quantity of work or in the grading scale.


We keep the focus on the students and their ultimate success and celebrate our achievements at every opportunity we get.


If you want to learn more about what we do at WMS, please Google Dixie Ross AP Lead Teacher at Pflugerville High School to find the blog she writes about increasing access to and equity in pre-AP and AP programs.
Westview Middle School has been committed over the past three years to improving the number and variety of students served by our pre-AP program.