Opportunity Center


Picture of Jeff Black       Going through life, we all make mistakes. We all stumble from time to time and need the support of those around us to help find our way. The students we serve are in the midst of experiencing this aspect of life. Being removed from the home campus and placed at the Provan Opportunity Center is the consequence for the behavior.  However, while here we take major steps towards intervening and finding solutions for the student. Our role is to provide social and emotional support, and offer resources and mentorship to guide students in making different decisions. We reinforce the value of education in their lives, identify if there are gaps in their learning, and intervene where appropriate. We ask students to model for us the skills necessary to be successful when they return to their home campus, and continue their educational pursuits.
      Although we may only touch a student’s life momentarily, our focus is to intervene socially, emotionally, and academically as we help students find their way.