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    Bredensteiner, Sandy    512-594-4453                Sandy.Bredensteiner@pfisd.net
    Anoil, Rachael                512-594-4451                Rachael.Aniol@pfisd.net
    King, Rita                        512-594-4441                 Rita.King@pfisd.net
    Owens, Krista                512-594-4456                 Krista.Owens@pfisd.net
    Clark, Stephanie            512-594-4451                 Stephanie.Clark@pfisd.net
    Elementary curriculum

    Knowing what your child is learning can stimulate conversations, reinforce learning, and powerfully accelerate growth. “What did you learn in school today?” is a conversation starter that can help your child think and process learning at a deeper level. To help, PISD has posted your child’s curriculum online at this link: http://www.pfisd.net/curriculum . You can view what your child is learning from multiple viewpoints:

    · Under "PfISD Elementary Curriculum," click “Year at a Glance” to see a quick summary of core content subjects (core subjects = language arts, math, science, and social studies).
    · click “Units of Study” to see specific segments of study in core subjects as the year progresses. You can also see the “Big Ideas” and “Essential Questions” as well as specific learning targets called TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills).
    · click “vertical alignment” to see the sequence and structure of learning goals kinder through 6th grade.

    Teachers make daily lesson objectives (We will, I will, and Success Criteria) and communicate them to your child. They also create assessments and plan instructional strategies (even field trips) directly aligned the online curriculum. When teachers, students, and parents clearly understand learning goals, the potential for student growth is multiplied.
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