Westview Middle School



Homework assignments will be approximately 20 minutes in length. If a student does not turn in homework on the appropriate day, the teacher will call the parent/guardian to let them know that the student did not turn in homework and the student will be assigned Homework Hall.

Homework Hall       Homework                       Homework      Teacher Assigns Tutorials      Tutorials and
Timeline                    Assignment Day              Due Day           Tutorials & Homework         Homework Hall Held

Social Studies            Wednesday                        Thursday                    Friday                                      Monday

Math                           Thursday                            Friday                       Monday                                   Tuesday

Science                       Friday                                 Monday                    Tuesday                                   Wednesday
ELA                            Monday                               Tuesday                    Wednesday                               Thursday

Homework Hall Location
Homework hall takes place in the cafeteria following tutorials.

*   Mandatory Tutorials will be held from 3:40 pm - 4:10 pm. 

*   Homework Hall will follow tutorial from 4:15 pm – 5:00 pm.

*   Only students who do not complete homework may be assigned to Homework Hall.

*   Teachers are responsible for contacting a parent via phone and assigning students to Tutorial/Homework Hall.

*   Busses will be available at 5:00 pm to take any student home. 

*   Parents electing to pick up students from a tutorial are asked to please be at campus by 4:15 pm to take children home.

*   Parents electing to pick up students who have been assigned to both a tutorial and homework hall are asked to beat campus by 5:00 pm to take children home.