John B. Connally High School


Dear Parents and Students, 
As I have communicated with you before, it is a priority of my administration and myself to raise the expectations of the students and staff of Connally High School. In order to do so, new and focused emphasis must be placed on the guidelines set forth by the PISD Board of Trustees. I have mentioned before that these are not new policies but long existing policies that are in place for the success of our students. This success is dependent on things that seem small like dress code and cell phones but they are quite big in the successful day to day operations of Connally High School. A successfully and efficiently running school produces students that are ready to leave its doors prepared for college and the work force.
Please take some time to review the PISD policies yourself and with your children. We endeavor to hear your thoughts and concerns, so feel free to communicate with me and my administrators.
PISD Student Handbook; Student of Code Conduct; and Dress Code This is a link to the PISD expectations directly from the PISD site under the "Parents" tab and following the link "PISD Document Library" on the left.
Please click under the "Policies and Procedures" tab to see the documents that were discussed with your students the first two weeks of school.
It is our number one priority to grow our students and send them out of our doors ready to take on the world academically and socially. 
Please let me know if I can answer any questions about these PISD policies.
Mr. Kermit Ward - Proud Principal of Connally High Schoo