Community service is being integrated into athletics on the premise that students will improve academically and socially from their volunteering efforts. We offer student-athletes the opportunity to develop the motivation necessary in academics and life. The community is an important part of supporting our district, school, and numerous teams; therefore, the Westview athletics’ department focuses on giving back to that integral piece of education. Service learning benefits numerous parties, from the schools and agencies to the communities and society in general. Within these volunteering experiences, students have shown to improve academically, athletically, and socially. Academically, they discover new viewpoints, bridge classroom knowledge with tangible situations, and increase school attendance. Athletically, student-athletes learn valuable lessons that translate to success on the court, field, and track. Socially, student-athletes benefit by increasing student motivation, developing interpersonal skills, and realize the importance of positive lifestyle choices and behavior.


          Our Lady Wildcat / Parmer Lane Leopard Mentorship program offers students the ability to build relationships with the incentive of offering guidance. The Lady Wildcats spend an hour with Parmer Lane 1st graders participating in group reading as well as tutoring to help improve reading skills. This experience benefits the Parmer Lane students as well as these student-athletes because they are able to learn through teaching others.
         Student-athletes from the boys’ Wildcats program travel to the Special Olympic Winter Games in Austin. Student-athletes will work with special Olympic athletes from all around the state who have qualified to compete for Olympic gold. In the years to come, Westview athletics seeks to annually commit student-athletes to this community service opportunity annually. Each week in the spring, 10-12 seventh grade student-athletes help kindergarten and 1st grade students with reading skills at Parmer Lane Elementary. These student-athletes also impress the importance of being student-athletes: students must pass all their classes in order to become athletes in all levels of sport.