• Click here to download the Specials Brochure. 


    Specials Staff

    Joni Berrios – P.E. Teacher

    Kelly Gilbert – P.E. Assistant

    Megan Malm – Music Teacher

    Molly Wedge – Art Teacher


    Art class at WPS is a creative place to be! In our art class we will:

    • Learn about various artists and cultures
    • Express ourselves visually and creatively
    • Explore different types of art materials
    • Practice problem solving skills
    • Make connections to the classroom through art
    • Have fun creating art

    Kindergarten, first and second grade students will come to the art room on their "number day" for 50 minutes one day a week. Art can be messy, please keep that in mind when dressing your child on their art days. 

    Most of our art projects take several class periods to finish. Artwork will be sent home throughout the school year.

    We will be displaying our art in the hallways at WPS throughout the year. Please come by and take a look. Thank you for supporting art at WPS.



    Music class at WPS is a great place to be!

    Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade will have music class once a week for 50 minutes on their assigned color and number day. In both 1st & 2nd Grades we  mix in a lot of games, singing and composer studies. Each grade level also gets a performance opportunity. These important performance dates are listed separately in this brochure.

    In Kindergarten we sing songs and play a lot of musical games. At this level our focus is to expose children to all types of music. We also focus on concepts and music terms such as: faster/slower, higher/lower, louder/softer and legato/staccatto. We also match pitch and learn about instruments and famous composers.

    In 1st Grade we focus on learning to read music, beginning with reading rhythms.

    In 2nd Grade we put our rhythm reading to good use by playing songs and composing and creating our own rhythms.



    Physical Education at WPS consists of a wide variety of activities that are developmentally appropriate. We take a lifetime activity approach to physical education, to make our students value health and fitness.

    You, as parents, play an important role in the success of our physical education program. Here are some ways you can help:

    • Dress your child for success with athletic shoes; shorts under dresses. No flip-flops, slides, cleats, or shoes with heels-- these shoes can cause accidents or injuries. Click here to download the appropriate show form.
    • Please send a note if your child needs to be excused due to illness or injury.
    • Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and eats a balanced breakfast. Rested, well-fed children are optimal learners.


    Special Dates



    Grading Policy

    Music, Art, and PE grades are based on participation and behavior. Any note sent home regarding a student’s behavior will impact the grade on a report card. We review rules often as a reminder to students about STARS behavior in the Specia l Areas classrooms. 

    A brief explanation of Special Area grades on the report card is as follows:


    2 nd Graders receive:

    • E – Excellent
    • S – Satisfactory
    • N – Needs Improvement
    • U – Unsatisfactory

    The majority of students receive an “Excellent” grade.


    1 st Graders receive:

    • 3 – meets or exceeds expectations
    • 2 – inconsistent in meeting expectations
    • 1 – does not meet expectations

    The majority of students receive “3’s”.


    Kindergarteners receive:

    • 3 – exceeds expectations
    • 2 – meets expectations
    • 1 – working towards meeting expectations


    The majority of Kindergarteners receive “2’s” until the 4 th Nine weeks when participation & behavior expectations should be mastered. Then, the majority of Kindergarteners receive “3’s”.