•  Meet our soaring staff!


    Office Team and Administration

    Office and Admin


    Top Row:  Mr. Castro (EDP), Ms. McElveen (Counselor)

    Middle Row:  Ms. Ramirez (ESSP), Ms. Davis (Assistant Principal), Ms. Binford (Nurse), Ms. Duncan (Secretary)

    Bottom Row:  Ms. Rendon (Registrar), Ms. Floyd (Principal), Ms. Mosley (Instructional Coach) 

    Not Pictured:  Ms. Dorris (Assistant Principal), Ms. Skinner (Nurse)

    Specials Team

    Specials Team

     Ms. Wedge (Art), Ms. Collins (Library), Ms. Malm (Music), Ms. Kelly (PE), Ms. Berrios (PE)

    Pre-K Team

    PreK Team


    Top Row:  Ms. Andaya (Pegasus), Ms. Sandoval (PPCD); Ms. Gallegos (Pegasus),Ms. Eaton (PreK), Ms. Jechow (PPCD)

    Bottom Row:  Ms. Shimabuku (Pegasus), Ms. Carson (PreK), Ms. Wild (PPCD), Ms. Knight (Pegasus),

    Not pictured:  Ms. Thompson (PreK) Ms. Brown (Pegasus), Ms. Byrd (PreK)


    Essential Academics Team

    Not Pictured:  Ms. Mask, Ms. Barrada, Ms. Harvey, Ms. White

    Kindergarten Team

    Kinder Team   
    Top Row:  Ms. Gragg, Ms. Duvall, Ms. Escobar
    Bottom Row:  Ms. Tolentino, Ms. Cuchapin
    Not Pictured:  Ms. Chapa

    1st Grade Team

    1st grade


    Top Row:  Ms. Elbrecht, Ms. Stewart, Ms. Fisher

    Bottom Row:  Ms. Padilla, Ms. Sims, Ms. Hopkins


    2nd Grade Team

    2nd grade team

    Top Row:  Ms. Harris, Ms. Tristan, Ms. Baker
    Bottom Row:  Ms. Dalbey, Ms. Wilkerson, Ms. Wagnon

    Intervention Team


    Top Row:  Ms.Miller, Ms. Guerra

    Bottom Row:  Ms. Dowell, Ms. Verdugo, Ms. Ramirez


    Special Education Team

    SpEd Team

    Top Row: Ms. Hellums (LSSP), Ms. Sandoval (PPCD), Ms. Jechow (PPCD), Annie Mask (Essential Academics), Ms. Christenson (SLP), Ms. Boxley (RIN)

    Bottom Row:  Ms. Wild (PPCD), Shawn Clark (RIN), Ms. Dickeson (Special Education), Ms. Taylor (RIN), Ms, Barrada (Essential Academics)

    Resource Intensive Needs (RIN)/Behavior Team

    RIN Behavior
     Ms. Boxley, Ms. Taylor, Ms. Clark