Pflugerville High School


Frequently Asked Questions

When is 2017 Graduation?

PHS Graduation Commencement Ceremony 
Graduation is scheduled for June 3rd, 2017 at the Frank Erwin Center, Austin Texas.  Exact times have not been determined.  Website will be updated ASAP
How do I purchase a parking permit? How much does it cost? How often do I need to register?
REGISTRATION OF VEHICLE AND PARKING PERMITS: All motor vehicles that are driving to school including automobiles,pickup trucks, motorcycles, or motor scooters must be properly registered inthe front office each year.  Driver’s license number and proof of insurance are required on the application.  Parking spaces are given on a first come,first served basis.  All school fines MUST be paid in advance of purchasing a parking permit.  Parking permits cost $20 and the applications are found in the front office.  Permits are valid from 8/23/2016-6/3/2017. School times to purchase a permit are before or after school and during lunches.  Please see Ms. Janie Martinez for permits. 
Unregistered and illegally parked vehicles may be ticketed, “booted” or towed at the student’sexpense.  Illegally parking is defined as parking in another student’s assigned parking space, in the teacher parking spaces, visitor parking spaces, handicapped parking spaces or fire lanes and on other “non-designated areas” which may include grassy areas or double parking. Boot removal is $50.00.
What clubs are available at PHS?
There are many clubs available to students. You can find a current list in our front office or visit the Clubs and Organizations page

What is the bell schedule for this year?

 When is Early Release for the 2016-2017 School year?

December 15, 16 and  May 30, 31 

How do students check their email?

 Refer to PISD webpage under "STUDENT TAB"

 How many absences can a student have and still earn class credit? (90% Rule)

Please refer to the Attendance Policy located in the FAQ section.

If a student misses a day to visit a college campus, does the absence count toward exemption from finals?

Students are not allowed any "free" days for college visits. They may fill out a form obtained in the office so they can make up any work they miss on visits so there will be no academic penalty. The College Visit absence does not count toward exemption for finals.

What happens if a text book is lost?  If a student's loses an issued text book, they will be required to either locate the book or pay for the replacement.  Should the student find the book at a later time, they can return the book to the Bookkeeper who will issue a refund minus a $2.00 processing fee per item. 

When is the library open?

Monday thru Thursday - 8:15 to 4:45
Friday - 8:15 to 4:30
and open during lunch time


How many books can I check out at a time? 5 books at a time

How much is the fine for an overdue book? $.25/day

Do I need my school I.D. to check out a book? Yes

Do I need my school I.D. to use a computer? Yes

What does it cost to replace my school ID?  $3.00

What does it cost to print a copy from the computer?  $.10 per page for the black and white printer and $.50 for the color printer

Can I purchase school supplies in the library?

  • Plain, old-fashioned pencil or ink pen (black ink only)--$.25

  • Mechanical pencil--$.50

  • Pencil top eraser--$.10

  • Eraser--$.50

  • Folder (with pockets and brads)--$.50

  • Poster board--$.50

  • Highlighter--$.50

  • Spiral notebook--$1.00

  • Index cards (100 per package)--$1.00 

  • AAA batteries--$3.00

What are some good internet resources for research?  Click here for websites


What health services are provided at PHS?   Click here for health services

Who is eligible for credit recovery?

Seniors have first priority, followed by juniors and then sophomores.

Juniors and Seniors:

  • Need at least 1 credit (any course combination)

  • Are not discipline issues

  • Do not have poor attendance


  • Students repeating the sophomore year

  • Need 1 credit (any course combination)

  • Are not discipline issues

  • Do not have poor attendance

Freshmen are not eligible for credit recovery.

What is the deadline for dropping out of an AP class?

Schedule changes must be completed by TBA. Any student remaining in the Pre-AP/AP class after this date will complete the course. No exceptions.

Under what conditions may a student receive an incomplete grade and how does it affect eligibility?

For questions regarding UIL eligibility, click