Pflugerville Middle School


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 Stell Robert StellPrincipal594-2011
 Luis Ham  Luis Ham Assistant Principal 
 Ms. Maldonado  Lynda Maldonado Assistant Principal: 7th Grade 594-2015
 Coleman Brett ColemanAssistant Principal: 8th Grade594-2017
                  Ginger TrevinoAssistant Principal: 6th Grade594-2018
 Malunga DeSharon Malunga Counselor: 7th grade 594-2027
 lupe photo
Maria "Lupe" Baughman
Counselor: 8th Grade594-2026
 Ms. King Mari KingCounselor: 6th grade594-2028
 Ms. Anderson
Alex AndersonSocial Worker (MWF)594-2022
Janie Brooks
School Resource Officer594-2040
 Zell MaryG ZellLibrarian - Library Webpage594-2071
 Nurse Mackey Wendy MackeyNurse Nurse Webpage594-2035
 Shobha Shankar  Shobha ShankarLicensed Specialist in School Psychology594-2195
 Monette Steinert  Monette SteinertARD Facilitator594-2033
 Lacey Hoff  Lacey HoffSpeech Pathologist594-2059
 Ruben MenaBookkeeper594-2010
 Laceidra Moten Laceidra MotenRegistrar594-2037
 Spriggs Marilyn SpriggsFront Office594-2048
 CGarcia Carmen GarciaFront Office 594-2049
 Towle JoAnn TowleStudent Records Specialist594-2038
 Martin Marquez Martin MarquezHead Custodian 
 Mayela Hernandez  Mayela GaribayCafeteria594-2045
  Laurie Lancaster Crossing Guard 


 TeacherSubjectGrades VoicemailRoom
 Alexander Alexander, Micah         
Social Studies7th 594-2139D103   
 Ms. Allard Allard, CynthiaResource6th/7th/8th 594-2146D111
 Ms. Alvarado  Alvarado, Allison ELA 8th 594-2145 D110
 BBaker Baker, BrendaGAME6th 594-2116B105
 Bartlett, Roseann Bartlett, RoseannCARE/7th ELA7th/8th 594-2128C106
 Ms. Bell
Bell, La TanyaChoir6th/7th/8th 594-2060P5

 Brody Brody, JanetScience - Science Department Chair7th 594-2163B115
 Brown Brown, Todd Boys Athletic Coordinator & P.E. 6th/7th/8th 594-2051 Gym
 Marjorie Cano  Cano, MargieBasic Language Skills - BLS6th/7th/8th 594-2197TR

 Ms. Chappelle  Chappelle, Choyce Science - Teacher Website 6th594-2160 A114
 Ms. Clark Clark, Penny  

 Mr. Cook  Cook, Greg Essential Academics6th/7th/8th   TR
 Ms. Coutino Coutino, Yareth
Science7th 594-2162B114

 Curtis Curtis, Cindy
Math8th 594-2151D117
 Dawer Dawer, DanielAVID - Teacher Website6th/7th/8th 594-2137D101
 Ms. De la torre
De La Torre, Valerie 
Science8th 594-2164D118
 Ms. Driscoll  Driscoll, Teri Theatre Arts 6th/7th/8th 594-2156 Drama

 Ms. Floyd
Floyd, AngelaMath - Algebra
8th 594-2150D116
 Ms. Franklin Franklin, TammieMath Instructional Coach
 Erin LevertonART
6th/7th/8th Art
 Fried Fried, Angela   Social Studies
8th 594-2138D102
 Fulmer Fulmer, MelindaSocial Studies8th 594-2140D104
 Ms. E. Garcia Garcia, Evelyn EA -Essential Academics
 NGarcia Garcia, NormaEA6th/7th/8th TR
 Kelly Garvin Garvin, KellyGAME7th/8th 594-2115B104
 Ms. Gould Gould, Amanda7th Pre-AP Math and Geometry 7th/8th 594-2132  C109
 Gunn Gunn, Roy
Science8th 594-2165D119
 Haluska Haluska, Becky
Tech in Action and Project Lead the Way Electives Department Chair - Teacher Website
7th/8th 594-2103A103

 Ms. Harris Harris, Angela 
 Henninger, Ramon Henninger, RamonKickstart6th/7th/8th 594-2101A101
 Ms. Henry  Henry, Dalys SPED - EA 6th/7th/8th  TR

 Ms. Ihle  Ihle, Kimberly ELA 6th 594-2119 B108
 Ms. Jackson
Jackson, Sonya      
6th 594-2109
 Janish Janish, Justin      Band6th/7th/8th 594-2068Band
 Jolliff Jolliff, LisaESL6th/7th/8th 594-2102A102
 Ms. Kinney  Kinney, Cara ELA Teacher Website7th  594-2118 B107
 Knapek Knapek, LaurieSPED ELA
 594-2198 A108
 Kubena Kubena, KayEA - Essential Academics
 Ms. Levy Levy, JuliaASCEND Science - Teacher Website  6th/7th/8th 594-2134C111

 Locke Locke, ChristopherArt- Teacher Website 6th/7th/8th 594-2105A105
 Love Love, Paul
Social Studies
6th 594-2112A112
 McConnell McConnell, MaryAnnISS6th/7th/8th 594-2152P1

 Martin Martin, CierraGirls Coach/PE6th/7th/8th 594-2054Gym
Charles McWilliams   McWilliams, Charles Health/Athletics7th/8th  C110
 Ms. Merriman
 Merriman, Emily ELA - Teacher Website 7th 594-2117 B106

 Ms. Miramontes Miramontes, Reina
Math8th 594-2148D114
 O'Dwyer O'Dwyer, PaulP.E./Athletics6th/7th/8th 594-2055Gym
 Ms. Pfluger  Pfluger, Jamie Math 7th 594-2123 B112
 Puga Puga, ChrisSocial Studies6th 594-2110A110
 Zanelotti  Pugliese, Jamie  ELA  8th  594-2143 D108
Jessica Rocha   Rocha, Jessica Science - Teacher Website 6th 594-2161 A115

 Ruess Ruess, KristaEA6th/7th/8th TR
 Satrom Satrom, ShaunaBand - Band Website6th/7th/8th 594-2065Band
 Schmidt, Kelly  Schmidt, Kelly Science 6th 594-2107 A107
 Sessions Sessions, JennySPED Science6th/7th/8th 594-2108A108
 Shaw Shaw, KellyScience8th 594-2135C112
 Shillow Shillow, SherryEA6th/7th/8th TR
 Smithers Smithers, AaronSocial Studies7th 594-2126C102

 Stelly Stelly, ChristopherMaster Coach
6th/7th/8th 594-2078Office
 Stone Stone, Sherri
Special Education Campus Coordinator
6th/7th/8th 594-Office
 Strand, Kristen Strand, KristenSPED 6th/7th/8th 594-2199TR
 Stroube Stroube, AlbaSocial Studies - Social Studies Department Chair 6th 594-2113A113
  Tolleson, Terry
 Tolleson, Terry  Broadcasting/Computer Applications 7th/8th  594-2104 A104

 Ms. Vandewater  VanDeWater, Susan ELA & ASCEND ELA 7th 594-2141 D105
 Vogel Vogel, Matt
Speech & Success
8th/6th 594-2191TR
 Wagner Wagner, DarrellBand6th/7th/8th 594-2066Band
 Weaver, Celia Weaver, CeliaGirls Athletics Coordinator / P.E.6th/7th/8th 594-2052Gym
 Weehler Weehler, CindyScience Instructional Coach6th/7th/8th 594-2067 C Prep
  Whitaker, Taune Whitaker, Taune
Social Studies
 White White, TreyBoys Coach/PE6th/7th/8th 594-2056Gym
 Williams Williams, Tie'Rah Behavior Coach6th/7th/8th 594-2131TR
 Wilson Wilson, PeggyMath6th 594-2106A106
 Ms. Yandrisovitz Yandrisovitz, GinaEA 6th/7th/8th TR
 Zademack, Susan Zademack, SusanSPED ELA8th 594-2145D110