Pflugerville Middle School


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the bell schedule? FIRST PERIOD begins @ 8:05.

2. When can students go to their lockers? PMS does NOT use hallway lockers.

3. What about backpacks? Any type of backpack may be carried throughout the school day.

4. What about textbooks? Teachers will keep a class set of textbooks in the room for class use.  Textbooks are also

available on-line.

5. What can I wear to school? You can find these answers in the DRESS CODE.

6. What do I bring the first day of school? A binder, paper, pen and a smile!

7. How do I request homework if my child is absent? Please call 594-2000 and let the receptionist,

know that you would like to request make-up work for your child.

8. How do I find out if my child has any homework? Please ask your student to write homework

assignments on his/her Agenda Page. You may check this daily. Teachers may be contacted via

email through the Staff link.

9. What do I do if my child has a doctor's appointment that will cause him to be tardy or miss class?

Please bring a note from the doctor when your student returns to school. If a student leaves during

the school day, a parent must sign them out. When the student returns to school, don't forget the

doctor's note.

10. How can I contact the teachers? You may call the school and request to leave a message for the

teacher(s) to contact you during their conference period. You may also email teachers. All staff

emails and phone numbers are listed on the staff page. Please allow teachers at least 24 hours to

respond to either phone or email.

11. How do I call the cafeteria if I have questions about lunch money? Please call 594-2000 and ask

for the Cafeteria Manager.

12. What is the phone number for PfISD Transportation, if I have a bus related question? 251-3511

13. Can I have lunch with my student? Parents/guardians may have lunch with their student after

signing in with the office. Food can only be shared with your child and specific table are designated for parents to eat lunch with their children..

14. Can I bring flowers, gifts, or balloons to my student for their birthday or special occasion? Please

DO NOT BRING THESE ITEMS. Students can't carry them around during the day and if delivered

the student may only receive them AFTER school. The student will not get to enjoy them - Perhaps

a note delivered to them would suffice.

15. Can students bring blankets and stuffed animals to school? No, these items are not allowed.

16. How can I volunteer to help at PMS? Please visit the PTO link on the website.

17. When do progress reports and reports go home? Progress reports are sent home every 3 wks and

report cards will be mailed home every 9 weeks - dates are posted on the school calendar. If you do not receive a report at

the appropriate time, please contact the school.

18. How much are PE uniforms, band instruments, etc..? PE uniforms are a gray shirt and blue or

black shorts, the school does not rent or purchase instruments; however, talk to the band director

on your instrument options.