Park Crest Middle School



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Monday - Friday.....7:40 a.m. to 4:25 p.m.

  • Students may come to the library before school from 7:40-8:00.  Enter through B hall doors.

Check out policy

  • Students may check out 2 items and keep them for 2 weeks. 

  • Items may be renewed unless there is a "Hold" by another student.  Students may renew their books online prior to being overdue.  
  • Overdue books are charged a  fine of .10 a day, but a 9-day grace period is given before fines are assessed.  
  • Lost or damaged books must be paid for, but if the book is found within 12 months, then the money is refunded.  A $2.00 processing fee will be held from all found book reimbursements. 


Pens/pencils 25¢
Mechanical pencils 50¢ each
Gel pens 50¢ 

40 Book Challenge

Pumas read!  Park Crest library supports our students who take the 40 book challenge.  10+ genres give students lots of choice when selecting their books.  Library hours give maximum access for students to always have a book in hand.  Teachers who read offer lots of conversations to keep everyone interested and inspired.  Everyone reads and everyone wins.  Please see your students Language Arts teacher to view your student's genre selections for the 40 book challenge.  


Book Fairs

Park Crest library hosts two book fairs a year.  Our fall fair is the Scare Fair close to halloween.  We have a frightfully great selection.  Our spring fair is in April and often includes titles that can be used for AP summer reading projects.  Support your library collection by purchasing books for our home collection.


Read It Forward 

Every year all the middle schools in Pflugerville ISD select a title to ALL READ and then pass to our friends.  The title is great for 6th - 8th graders and leads to great discussions and fun activiites.  We will host an event in the spring for all students that participate in Read It Forward by reading the book and talking about it with the librarian.  Watch for the selected title to be announced in Novemenber.


Book Club

Book clubs meetings are held monthly during the grade level lunch time.  Our book clubs encourage self choice in reading and then ask that members come to the meeting to book talk their most recent read with other students.  There are sets of books for students that want to read a book as a group but all students are welcome as long as they've read a new title since the last meeting.  Bring your lunch, bring your book, and have a great time getting suggestions for your next read.  


March Madness of Reading

In March we match with the madness of basketball with a battle of the books.  Our most circulated titles are pittted against each other.  Students have 24 hours to vote online for their favorite titles.  We start with 32 titles and work our way down to 1 BEST read book.  Which title will it be this year?



Park Crest Library hosts a makerspace area in addition to circulating books and welcoming classes.  Our MakerSpace is a permananet area that offers Makey Makeys, Little Bits, Zentangle, Legos, Black Out Poetry, K'Nex, 3D puzzles, Hour of Code, Snap Circuits, a button maker, and a sewing machine.  What can you make in our MakerSpace?