Westview Middle School


Dear parents,
There are new immunization requirements for 6th grade students entering 7th grade.  They will be required before he/she will be allowed to attend classes in the fall.  They will also not be allowed to pick up their schedules during the summer if the requirements have not been met.  Your student is eligible to receive them now.
You should have received a letter indicating which vaccines, if any, your student needs. 
                               If your student has already received the vaccines, please bring a copy of the current record to the nurse as soon as possible. 
                                                                                       WESTVIEW MIDDLE SCHOOL NURSE

Kathi Girod, R.N.         
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            Ms. Girod                             

e-mail address: Kathryn.Girod@pfisd.net
Office Phone:  512-594-2235
Office FAX 512-594-2205
Clinic Hours 7:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.