Pflugerville Middle School


About the Choirs at PMS

We are are very fortunate to have exceptional students in our choir program at Pflugerville Middle School. We consistently run about 120 in the choir and, although one big happy family, we divide into 5 different performance groups: Tonalities Choir (6th grade girls), Barbaro Jr. Choir (6th Grade Boys), Barbaro Choir (7th-8th grade boys), Bel Canto Choir (7th grade intermediate girls) and Chamber Choir (8th grade advanced girls). All choirs perform throughout the year.


Supplies Needed for Choir:

Required from Student-

  • 1-inch Three Ring Binder w/ pockets and a clear plastic front (standard size binders only please)
  • Three dividers (will be labeled - "Warm-ups," "Theory," and "Music.")
  • Notebook Paper (20-25 sheets is plenty)
  • Pencil

Optional Accessories -

  • Pencil bag (to keep from loosing your pencil)
  • 1-2 Highlighters (to mark difficult passages in the music)