Pflugerville Middle School


Students will learn to read and perform choral music. Students will learn how to use their voices as instruments. Each class begins with a mini-voice lesson and includes instruction in reading music. Students gain confindence by performing in concerts and competitions throughout the year.

Students will gain experience and scratch board techniques, mirror etching, sand art, design, plaster wrap, and clay sculpture. They will also learn drawing skills, shading techniques and two-point perspectives. Students will work in a sketchbook to further develop their creativity and imagination.

Theater Arts
This course is designed for students to learn basic acting skills such as improvisation, characterization, preparing a role in stage movement. They are guided through the production process from rehearsal to backstage crews including making the scenery.

Spanish I — This constitutes a high school credit. This course provides an introduction to the five "C"s: communication, connections, comparisons, culture, and communities. All students will take a mid-term and final exam that counts 20% of their total grade.
AP Spanish - This course prepares students for the AP Spanish Language Examination, and all students entering the course will be expected to take it (if the students are in the  8th grade).  Students develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Spanish.  The course requires students to read and analyze fiction and non-fiction texts, write compositions, watch and listen to Spanish programming, prepare presentations, practice formal conversation, and expand vocabulary.  The course will broaden students’ understanding of Hispanic culture and foster interest in continuing the study of Spanish in college.  This course is equivalent to a fifth and sixth semester college course in Advanced Spanish.
Computer Applications
Students will learn computer applications and foundations including technology-related terms, concepts, and keyboarding skills. Programs utilized will include Microsoft Office Suite 2003, Lego Mindstorms Robotics, and PhotoStory 3.
Physical Education
Physical Education is an elective open to 6th and 7th grade students. Activities include team sports, lifetime activities, rhythmics, outdoor education, fitness, wellness and nutrition.
Expectations for Physical Education Classes: PE INFO SHEET
Fitnessgram Testing 2007-2008 
During the 80th Legislative Session, Senate Bill 530 was passed, which requires fitness assessment for all students in grades 3 to 12 starting in the 2007-2008 school year.  After a thorough review the Texas Education Agency (TEA) identified FITNESSGRAM as the assessment tool to be used by all districts throughout the state.
Pflugerville Middle School is in the process of fulfilling this requirement.  Testing has begun in the physical education classes before spring break.
Parents/Guardians will receive results of their student's physical assessment with their child's final report card.
To learn more about the physical fitness assessment program, visit the FITNESSGRAM website at or Frequently Asked Questions.

The health classes are the same as the high school health class curriculum; therefore, students who pass this class will receive the 1/2 credit necessary for high school graduation. The health class is taught in the fall semester, and the speech class is taught in the spring semester.   It is a State requirement for graduation.
Topics covered in the Health class include: Introduction to Health and Wellness, Self-Esteem, Decision Making, Peer Pressure, and Stress and Stress Management, Mental Health, Violence Prevention, Substance Use and Abuse, Sexuality, Nutrition, Diet Analysis, Disease Prevention, and Environmental and Community Health.The students will also be certified in CPR/AED and receive some training in First Aid.In the Foundations of Fitness class, the students will learn more detailed nutrition facts and more about the body systems, and will learn and practice weight training and aerobic exercises.
The speech classes are the same as the high school speech class curriculum; therefore, students who pass this class will receive the 1/2 credit necessary for high school graduation.  It is an introduction to public speaking. The health class is taught for one semester, and the speech class is taught in the opposite semester. It is a State requirement for graduation.
7th and 8th grade students apply to be in Journalism.  In Journalism, students will be responsible for theme incorporation, assisting the cover's design, planning the content and layout of the book, interviewing, researching, writing articles, editing writing for style and mechanics, writing headlines & captions, taking and editing pictures, and designing pages. Students will utilize the online program StudioWorks, as well as learn Photoshop CS3.  
Gifted students in Pflugerville are participating in a daily GT extension class. This program, known as PFLEX, consists of small group and individual learning sessions in which students will work with others who share similar interests and learning styles. Students get the chance to customize their education by choosing their own projects and products.  With the guidance of a teacher, they will be encouraged to take academic risks by utilizing new study methods and technologies. Middle School PFLEX has several components, including curriculum aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the Pflugerville ISD PFLEX curriculum bundles. Units will incorporate core subjects, leadership, creativity, self-directed learning, communication and thinking skills. The second component, Taking Care of Business, includes character education, study, organization skills, and independent study, such as the Texas State Performance Standard Project. Academic Slam, the third component, includes time to explore and practice for competition options such as academic UIL, Math Pentathlon, Destination Imagination and similar programs. 
SUCCESS students are taught how to be successful in middle school, the classroom, and life as a whole . The students use the class to organize their agenda and binder, to complete assignments from other classes, and to work on projects from other classes. They also study a book called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. The teacher implements regular gradebook checks. The teacher will help the students with intrapersonal and interpersonal skills as well.
Tech in Action
Technology in Action is a full year elective  for 7th and 8th graders that introduces students to the world of technology and how it is used in a variety of careers. This course is designed to explore technologies that surround us, examine how they affect daily life, and learn about how those technologies are used in the world of work. Through student-centered learning modules and whole class activities and projects, students get a broad sampling of the technology and careers that drive modern society. It also serves as a preview for Career and Technical Education courses available in high school.