Park Crest Middle School


  • Choice Sheets are coming

    Posted by Clint Shuman at 1/20/2017

    Choice sheets will be sent home with 5th graders on Jan 24th and will be due back on Jan 31st. So please be looking for these choice sheets. Students then will work with counselors to inpout their choices into the computer system. Then in February they will bring home a verification sheet for you to verify that the correct classes and alternatives have been selected.

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  • Spring Semester is Here

    Posted by Clint Shuman at 1/9/2017

    The Spring Semester is here. It will go by very fast and we have many things going on this semsester. A large group of 6th graders will be serving the community in the Big Event the day before Spring Break. We will have science night at the end of January. We will need to make choices for courses next year. We will have an end of the year trip. Of course we will also have STAAR testing. 

    Please help remind your child to do their homework, check their grades and attend tutoring when necessary. As STAAR gets closer we will also be doing tutoring geared toward STAAR and be inviting students to attend to make sure they are succesful. All students are offered free snacks if they stay for tutoring. 

    As we make a push this semester also remind you studnet to always try their best and give it their best attempt even if it is hard.

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  • Where is your jacket?

    Posted by Clint Shuman at 11/18/2016

    As the weather begins to get colder please make sure your student is returning home with their jacket. Many students forget their jacket and they end up in lost and found. Some students do not like their jacket and they end up in lost and found in hopes of a new one. So if your child's jacket is missing you can send them to the lost and found located in the blue bins in the cafeteria.

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  • Enjoy the break come back ready to work

    Posted by Clint Shuman at 11/16/2016

    I hope everyone is able to have a great Thanksgiving break. When your student returns we have 3 weeks left in the 9 weeks. Please make sure they have restocked on their supplies and you are checking their agendas. The 6th graders have two goals we are working on right now perfect attendance as a grade level and all students passing. If they achieve either of these they will get free seating at lunch.

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  • Back to the Basics

    Posted by Clint Shuman at 11/7/2016

    As we enter the 2nd third of the 2nd Nine weeks I wanted to give a few reminders:

    1) Please make sure you are chekcing you students agenda

    2) Make sure you are having your student pull grades from FOCUS and the plan they have if their grades are not as high as they want

    3) Make sure your student has all the necessary school supplies. (Pencils, Pens, Highlighters, Paper)

    4) Click on the Lesson Plan and Assigment link to see what is happening

    5) Encourage your student to attend tutorials and EPIC 2.0

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  • Short Nine Weeks

    Posted by Clint Shuman at 10/24/2016

    Just a reminder that the Second nine weeks is short. It is only 8 weeks long so it will go by fast. Please make sure you are having your student check their grades and talking to you about them. If they are struggling make them tell you how they are going to get it fixed.

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  • End of the Nine Weeks

    Posted by Clint Shuman at 10/19/2016

    Thursday is the end of the nine weeks. Please make sure you student is in tutoring the rest of the week. Reminder that a student can not make up grades after each 3 week chunk. 

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  • School Dance is Coming

    Posted by Clint Shuman at 10/10/2016

    Our first School Dance will be Oct 21 from 6-9. 6th Grade will spend form 6-7:30 in the gym having an open gym time and then move to the dance form 7:30 to 9. 7th and 8th grade will dance from 6-7:30 and then move to the gym from 7:30 to 9. The cost of the dance is $5 dollars in advance and $8 at the door. Tickets will be sold the week of the dance during lunch. The theme of the dance is 80's / Blacklight. Campus dress code will also be enforced at the dance.  Concessions will be sold at the dance. Teachers will chaperone the dance.

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  • Check in With your student

    Posted by Clint Shuman at 9/29/2016

    Please make sure you are checking in with your student. They should all now know how to check their grades. Encourage them to pull their grades and then come and talk to you about them. If they need help with grades ask them when they can go to tutoring or EPIC to get help and create a plance and place the plan in their agenda.

    Ask to see their homework/classwork incentive card. They will have one for every core class. Ask them what they have to do to recieve a stamp.

    Ask them how many caught being good tickets they have and how they earned them. 

    Take time to look at their notes and what they have done in class. In history they are learning different economies and they have created some neat shirts.


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  • IPR & Pictures

    Posted by Clint Shuman at 9/16/2016

    It was another great week. The 6th graders are beginning to figure out EPIC and its importance. Please make sure you are checking you students agenda nightly and discussing any homework they might have with them. Also, remind them that it is important to turn in the homework the next day. We have some students that complete it but leave it in their bag and foget to turn it in. One idea for homework is to create a folder that has homework to be done on one side and completed homework on the other. 

    IPR's are coming out on Monday. Your student should be briniging this home for you to see. Also, remember that you can always log into Focus to see your student's grades. If you have any questions about the grades ask your student and you can also email the teacher.

    Picture day is Friday Sept. 23. It will be done through your student's World Cultures class. They should be bringing home an order form soon. If the form does not make it home you can also click the link on the front page and download an order form.

    As always continue to push your student to always do their best and to always try. Have a great week.

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