• Frequently Asked Questions
    2015 - 2016
    1. What time does the school day start and end?  School starts at 7:35 am and students will be considered tardy if not in their classrooms at that time.  School ends at 2:50 pm.
    2. How does being tardy affect my child?  When a student enters class after the teacher has begun instruction, he/she misses out on instruction.  Excessive tardies will lead to parent being filed for Attendance Court.
    3. How can I contact my child's teacher?  You can email any staff member by clicking on their name in the staff section of our webpage.  Additonally, you can call 594-4300 and you will be sent to the teacher's voicemail.
    4. What should I do if my child misses school because of illness?  Every time a student is absent, two things have to happen:  a) you must call the school registrar, at 594-4338 by 8:15 so that she can document the absence and, b) when the student returns to school, a doctor's note must be provided to the registrar in the office immediately so that the absence is coded correctly.
    5. Can I eat lunch with my child?  Yes, please sign in the front office first and get a visitor's pass.  Parents must eat in the provided tables outside the cafeteria. You will only be able to eat with your student.
    6. Can I bring cupcakes to celebrate my child's birthday?  Yes, you may bring cupcakes for all of the students in the classroom.  This has to happen at 2:15 pm right before dismissal.  Please contact your child's teacher prior to to the event.  Please do not bring balloons as the disrupt the classroom.
    7. What type of shoes does my child need for PE?  Students at Barron ES need to have closed-toe shoes to participate in PE.  This is a requirement of the PISD Student Dress Code.
    8. Who do I contact if I have questions about transportation?  The PISD transportation number is 594-0475.
    9. How can I volunteer?  Volunteers must go through the on-line PISD Volunteer Background Check process prior to volunteering.  Hurry!  We love volunteers!
    10. Does the school have an afterschool program?  The district offers an Extended Day program at our campus, where your student would go to directly afterschool.  For more information and cost call 512-594-0148. 
    11. How can I receive the latest school information?  Please check the school website for the latest info!