Wieland Elementary School


Wieland loves working with the community and area programs. If you are a community member or business and want to be involved with Wieland, or help out in some way, please contact the front office. (512-594-3900)
For the past several years we have had a partnership with Hill Country Bible Church.
Members of the church volunteer at the school, serve as mentors, and support the backpack friends program. Backpack friends enables students to receive a backpack to take home for the weekend that is filled with food for the student to eat during the weekend.  
Hill Country Bible Church Logo  
 Wieland has also worked with a financial planning organization, Help TX Teachers. This organization donates items to the school, and runs the popular attendance bingo rewards for students. Every 9 week marking period we have a bingo game scheduled and any student that has had perfect attendance (never been absent and less than 3 tardies) is eligible to get out of class and play this exciting fun game. 
Help Texas Teachers
Wieland has also enjoyed a partnership with Camp Gladiator who uses outdoor facilities for some of their camps. In addition to giving a discount to teachers who want to work out before or after school, Camp Gladiator has worked with students and staff have volunteered as a local business partner to help serve on our Campus Academic Advisory Council for the school.  
Camp Gladiator