Riojas Elementary School


Riojas Elementary: Oh, The Places You'll Go! 
Greetings! I would like to welcome you to the Riojas Elementary visual arts education program! My name is Brianna Hinchey, or “Ms. H.” This will be my second year teaching art at Riojas, and my fifth with the Pflugerville school district. I look forward to a busy and fun-filled school year. The following paragraphs provide general information regarding the program and its goals for your convenience.

Riojas student-artists will:
Explore a variety of art, artists, and cultures of the world.
Develop skills to understand and appreciate artwork.
Participate in hands-on art activities.
Demonstrate critical thinking skills.

The arts play a vital role in education and learning. Unlike many other subject areas, the arts introduce students to ways of thinking and communication that are based upon imagination and perception. The arts encourage students to think and learn in a variety of ways, in addition to using language and logic skills. Moreover, creative expression has the capacity to build self-esteem, providing a voice for those who may not experience success in conventional academic settings.

One of the most exciting aspects of art education is the process of creating artwork. Students will experience a wide-assortment of mediums while making drawings, paintings, prints, sculptural work, and more. Throughout the year, their work will be accessible for viewing in the art room, as well as on display in the main hallway and library of our school.

*You can help your child appreciate visual art. Try visiting a museum together, sharing family mementos, and/or working on a creative project at home. Also, if you would like to volunteer your time each week or month, please let me know. I can be reached by email:, or by phone: 512-594-4100. Information regarding upcoming student activities, such as art workshops, Curator’s Challenge, district exhibitions, and contests will be communicated through the PatriotPress, as well as our school website.

Another way you can help is by encouraging good behavior from your child. Art is a “hands-on” class, where appropriate behavior is essential to student learning. I will be working with students to ensure that they understand the importance of being “safe, respectful, and responsible” in the art room, and appreciate your support in upholding these expectations.

Our motto for the 2015 - 2016 school year is, “Riojas Elementary: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”--which is sure to spark the creative imagination of our students!

My Best,
Brianna Hinchey
Art Educator
Riojas Elementary