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Murchison Mustang Movers 
Our mission is to equip learners with the knowledge, fitness and skills to
empower them to make health and wellness a lifelong priority. 
Pflugerville Bike Rodeo is Saturday, April 8 from 9 am to 1 pm at Pflugerville High School.
Your Mustang is  one ride away from a new bike.  
More info can be found here .
Are you in for our May 19 Super Heroes Band Together
 Field Day?
 Save the date.
 CATCH the fun in April. 
  Your Mustang should have shared ideas for some new snack and meal choices he/she learned about during the month of March.  Send a "GO!" Happy Snack (lowest in sugar and fat), and your Mustang signs the GO!
snack chart.
Here's Ms. Mendoza's GO! Happy Snack Bunch 
Lace up your athletic shoes and join us in the gym for paddle games, bike safety, Koonce's Kapture, Bocce, Fitnessgram fun, tetherball, the fitness trail, rockwall climbing and cardio kickball this month.  Our focus is on transferable skills that apply to games inside and beyond the gym walls.
Check out this sleep awareness chart. Are you getting enough sleep?  Is your Mustang getting enough sleep? Join us as we count our Zzzzzs later this month. 
You donated $8259 to the
American Heart Association!  
Thank you gifts will be at your house soon.  Thanks for sharing the gift of altruism with your child.    



and your connection to Murchison Mustang Movers makes our school a great place to learn, work, volunteer and play.
 Contact me at or 512.594.6090
Click the icon below for some free nutrition fun.
With 50 minutes and athletic shoes, you can make an impact on your wellness while being a positive role model to our Mustangs.  Check out our daily schedule and join the fun in the Murchison Mustang Movers'  gym.  
You'll be glad you did!
Hot Shots 2017-2018
Start practicing your routines now.  We hit the floor running in  October 2017.  Will you be the top producer for the American Heart Association?   Set a goal.  Get a goal!
Hot Shots.......have heart!