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IBM grant

April 10, 2017

ICyber Day for Girls n the fall of the 2016-17 school year, approximately 20 Westview Middle School girls attended IBM’s “Cyber Day For Girls” project. The day was filled with excitement as the girls toured IBM, visited Watson, played games, were introduced to different STEM careers and learned about cyber-security.

On March 22, IBM contacted WMS and asked us to submit a project idea that, if approved, would be funded with $1,000 from IBM. Our proposal was to begin a girls coding project that would include approximately 40 girls. The girls would interview and identify a problem that someone on campus needs or wants solved. They would then use their coding skills to develop an app that would solve the problem.

Girls in the program would not only learn valuable coding skills, but also skills that are valuable to the real world; like problem solving, abstraction and teamwork. In order to make this work we would need to purchase Android tablets using the $1,000.

Our idea was accepted and in just a few weeks, we will receive $1,000 from IBM.
Thank you IBM! We look forward to beginning our program and to a continued partnership with the “Big Blue”!