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PCMS students named chalk champions at annual chalk walk.

PCMS students named chalk champions at annual chalk walk.

Red, orange and yellow chalk dust decorates the hands of students crouched over a 10 foot by 10 foot concrete square, as the outlines of a koi fish swimming in a sea of sapphire, teal and navy blues begin to blend into formation on the pavement.

Park Crest Middle School art teacher, Patricia Amparan, entered her advanced art students in the Round Rock Chalk Walk and Festival to expose them to art outside the classroom.

The students chalk mural won best middle school award at the competition held in early October in downtown Round Rock.

“Initially it was not my intention to win anything or to place,” Amparan said. “But as Saturday went on and I started to compare our group with the other middle schools it was clear that they were doing an outstanding job.”

PCMS Principal Zack Kleypas agreed.

“I am a little biased, but you could tell that it was obviously one of the best,” Kleypas said. “It goes with our gold medal campus mindset to be the best of the best.”

Before the festival, students began planning for the chalk design by hosting a full-color sketch competition. Eighth grader Sydni Austen’s design, inspired by her grandmother, was the winning choice.

“My grandma has a koi fish pond in her backyard and I thought of her as I was drawing,” Austen said.

After the design was chosen and finalized, the students worked together as a team to practice with chalk.

“The first time we practiced outside, we decided to start from the outside, which was not a good idea because we had to step and jump over all of the drawing,” eighth grader Colton Sims said, “but at the chalk walk we did it smarter and worked inside out.”

Practice paid off and the students took home a certificate, first place ribbon and a $50 check, which would later fund a celebratory class pizza party.

“They went above and beyond and were covered in chalk from head to toe and they had the time of their lives,” Amparan said. “It was a really great experience and we will be doing it again.”

Students participating were: Tehya Bunton, Alex Erwin, Caitlyn Fischer, Alex Gebert, Josh Guiang, Kyra Heinisch, Julie Hodges, Josh Kruger, Caitlyn Lammons, Priscilla Le, Addison Loerwald, Lauren Mangu, Anh N, Kimberly Ortiz, Colton Sims, Emma Slatton, Deontae Snow, Vy Bui, Katherine San, Greta Oelrich, Nathan Chastine, Bryan Evans, Mandy Evans, Elizabeth Flores, Savannah Harding, Katy Herber, Autumn Hill, Valentino Ogidi, Danielle Overton, & Morgyn Williams.

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