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Science Fair

Are you interested in competing in the Austin Regional Science Fair?

Partcipating in our regional science fair is a great opportunity for students. Science fair encourages critical thinking, communication skills, innovation and an appreciation for the relavance of every day science. Pre AP students will be completing a long term science project that can be used for the Austin fair.

Below is a breif overview of the requirements to be concidered for the Austin Regional Science fair.

  • Projects may be inquiry-based, inventions or designs
  • New for 2016: There is a Robotics category
  • It is important that there is a question/hypothesis or a goal for the project
  • Students may work individually or in groups of up to three
  • Please avoid projects dealing with:

            - Humans (surveys included)

            - Vertebrate Animals

            - Vertebrate tissues, body fluids, biological agents, etc.

  • Please avoid projects activities or substances that present a danger to the student.

The Festival takes place on February 16, 2017 at the Palmer Events Center

If you are interested and would like more information please e-mail Mrs. Ferguson at