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8th Grade Transitions

This is an exciting time for the 8th graders as they prepare to say goodbye to KLMS and enter HHS.  Here are a few, specific 8th grade events.


April 28th - 8th Grade Semi-Formal, "A Masquerade Ball"

For this occassion, the regular school day dress code does not apply.  

GIRLS: They may wear strapless dresses or dresses with spaghetti straps.  The only restriction on dresses is that the midrif cannot show; 2-piece dresses are acceptable if the midriff is completely covered.  Dresses should be long enough to provide adequate coverage while dancing.  We have had students wear anything from a sun dress to a formal gown.  We do recommend they wear something comfortable (showes included).

BOYS: We have had boys in tuxes and boys in jeans, it is really want they are most comfortable waering for the evening.  

Dinner will be served at 6:30; doors open at 6:00.  The dance ends at 9:00 pm.

If you are interested in helping at the dance, click here for the Sign Up.


May 26th - Schlitterbahn Trip

The cost for the 8th grade field trip is $55.00 (reduced to $25 if you have a season pass).  Money and permission slips are due to Ms. Gambrell or Ms. Kelarek by May 5th at 3:45 pm (cash or money order, no checks).  Money and permissions slips cannot be accepted late.

The expectations for attending the trip are that from Feb. 15th to May 25th students: have no more than one in school suspension assigned, have no out of school suspensions, have not been placed at the Opportunity Center, do not have excessive tardies, and have no outstanding fines for textbooks or library fines.  Students must be passsing their classes to attend the field trip.

PLEASE NOTE: Students can become ineligible after permission slips and money have been turned in; refunds are not possible because the funds collected will be used for pay for the bus and tickets (nonrefunable costs).  For information, click here for the information flyer.  To download the permission form, click here.


August 25th - Take Flight! at HHS

Take Flight! is the freshman orientation for Hendrickson High School, it will be August 25th from 8:30am - 12:30pm.  Parents are invited to an informational Q&A session from 11:30-12:30 in the HHS Performing Arts Center.

The cost to attend is $10.00 until August 23rd and $15.00 on the day of orientation.  The registration fee includes a custom t-shirt.  For more information, or the registration form, click here.


Mr. Molina, the principal for the class of 2021 visited KLMS on Friday, May 26th.  Here is a copy of the power point he shared.