Kelly Lane Middle School


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Testing Information

STAAR - State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness

The federal and state government require that all students, grades 3-8 take a state assessment in reading and math.  In Texas, 7th grade students also take writing and 8th grade students also take science and social studies.  8th grade is called an SSI year (Student Success Initiative), this means that students must pass the reading and math test to be promoted to next grade.  High School credit courses with required state tests are called EOC tests (End of Course).

6th grade - Math 6 (Math 6), Math 8 (PAP Math 7), and Reading 6

7th grade - Math 7 (Math 7), Math 8 (PAP Math 7), Reading 7, and Writing 7

8th grade - Math 8 (Intro to Algebra & Geometry), Algebra EOC (Algebra), Reading, Science, and Social Studies

For the testing environment and snack/water rules, please click here for the blog from the March administration.  Please note that the schedule and lunch arrangements will be different for the May testing.


AP - Advanced Placement

Few students will take AP exams in middle school; these are exams sponsored by the College Board.  Students receiving high scores can earn college credit; the amount of credit and required score are determined by individual colleges and universities.


High School Final Exams

Students that are enrolled in high school credit courses must take a final exam.  These exams are part of the overall semester average.


Testing Calendar

March 28 - Writing 7, Reading 8

March 29 - Math 8

May 3 - Algebra EOC

May 8 - Math 6, Math 7, Math 8 (retest only)

May 9 - Reading 6, Reading 7, Reading 8 (retest only), AP Spanish

May 10 - Science 8, make-up testing for absent students

May 11 - Social Studies 8, make-up STAAR testing for absent students

May 12 - make-up STAAR testing for absent students

May 22 - HS Exams Gateway to Technology and Communication Applications

May 23 - HS Exams Health and Spanish

May 24 - HS Exams Health and Algebra

May 25 - HS Exam Algebra