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Teacher, Human- itarian of Year

It is my great honor to announce the Spring Hill Elementary Teacher of the Year and Humanitarian of the Year. Please join us in celebrating our best among the awesome Spring Hill team:
  • Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Allyson PattersonAllyson Patterson
Mrs. Patterson joined our 5th grade team in the 2014-15 school year and quickly earned the love and admiration of both her students and colleagues. Allyson has practiced strong instruction for her students and demonstrated solid leadership within the ELA department from the moment of her arrival.
This year she was appointed to be the 5th grade Team Leader and has continued to be a consistent and reliable anchor in that role. The Spring Hill staff has voiced admiration for her calm disposition in the fast-paced environment of our school and know her to be an excellent teacher with the ability to face down any challenge that impedes the forward progress of her students. Her energy, warm personality, and unwavering devotion to our Sharks has earned her this prestigious award.
Thank you, Mrs. Patterson, for your incredible contributions and dedication to Spring Hill Elementary!
  • Humanitarian of the Year: Mrs. Daisy Luna
Daisy Luna Mrs. Luna became our Title I Parent Liaison at the beginning of the 2015 school year and the impact of her talents was immediately felt across the campus and Spring Hill Community alike. Daisy has arrived each day to serve as the oil that keeps all the parts of our campus machine running flawlessly. Further, her welcoming smile has greeted Spring Hill students, parents and visitors each day and she has worked tirelessly to enhance the connection between our school and the community we serve with great success.
In their voting submissions, the SHES team has been loud and clear about her resourcefulness in her position and her ability to handle things in a pinch before they get the chance to become challenges to our important work. Her total devotion to the Spring Hill Elementary community through service to our children and families has earned her this year’s title.
We recognize Mrs. Luna this year for her amazing success as the welcoming face for our school!
- Dr. Troy Pitsch,