Ruth Barron Elementary School


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Congratulations to staff 'Of the Year" winners

2016-2017 Ruth Barron Teacher of the Year:
“Ms. Rita Aleman - She is a very dedicated passionate teacher with great ideas and strategies for ensuring student success. She goes above and beyond for all students, including those with special needs. She is also a leader who many teachers look to for help or encouragement."

2016-2017 Humanitarian of the Year:
“Ms. Irene Hernandez - She has done so much for the PTO this year. She has dedicated time that could be spend with her family here at school raising money for RBES. Not only is she a friendly face for all our parents to see in the morning, but she willingly goes wherever help is needed. Irene is selfless and always goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She not only promotes our school, but puts our students first." “What would we do without her- she is just AMAZING and Wholehearted!” "Since Irene’s first day at RBES she has encompassed what it means to be a “Barron Bear” at heart. She embraces each day with a positive attitude despite how busy her day gets. She goes out of her way each day not only to help students but also teachers. She has taken the initiative to be an active participant and member of our PTO. She has organized meetings, flyers and activities for PTO that benefit all staff on our campus. Her work on our campus does not go unnoticed. She has been a wonderful resource for parents to help them in becoming more involved in our campus and in their child’s education. She encourages parents to volunteer and be active and present in their child’s school." She goes above and beyond with PTO and is always helpful and patient with teachers and co-workers."

2016-2017 Rookie Teacher of the Year:
“Mr. Carlos Agudelo - Being his first year teaching, has shown passion for the field. He works extremely hard to serve not only his students but his parents as well. He strives to learn as much as he can so that he can make a difference in his student’s academic success. He shows the qualities of an excellent educator.”