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District hosts Employee Recognition event

May 14, 2019 

District Elementary Teacher of the Year District Secondary Teacher of the Year Pflugerville ISD honored teacher and staff excellence as it hosted the 2019 PfISD Employee Recognition Banquet on Thursday in Pflugerville. 

The evening was highlighted by the presentation of Teacher, Rookie Teacher, Humanitarian and Support Staff awards. The district also applauded its retirees, including those with more than 40 years in education.

“This is my favorite event of the year,” said PfISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Douglas Killian. “It’s an honor to recognize the amazing work being done by our incredible teachers and staff.” 

Pflugerville Elementary math interventionist Susan Kruger was named District Elementary Teacher of the Year, while Melissa Brydson, a math teacher at Park Crest Middle School, captured the District Secondary Teacher of the Year award.

Each received $600 from the Pflugerville Education Foundation, a laptop from Dell and a ring from Herff Jones.  

Tito Saquiche of Mott Elementary was named District Elementary Rookie Teacher of the Year, while John Powell of Kelly Lane Middle School was named District Secondary Rookie Teacher of the Year. Saquiche is a first-grade teacher and Powell teaches Texas history. 

They received $350 cash awards from PEF.  

Margaret Olivarez of Copperfield Elementary and Sara Lucas of Hendrickson High School were named District Elementary Humanitarian and Secondary Humanitarian of the Year, respectively. Olivarez teaches third grade, while Lucas teaches social studies.

Olivarez organized a T-shirt campaign that garnered the attention of colleges nationwide, and led to an outpouring of free donations from various universities. Lucas for years has helped raise funds for cancer research through the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

They also received $350 cash awards from PEF. 

Humanitarians of the Year are defined as staff members who represent the district in positive manners through interactions with parents, students and PfISD employees.

Administrators and faculty at PfISD schools selected campus Teacher, Rookie Teacher and Humanitarian of the Year award winners, from which a panel of judges selected the district honorees. 

District Support Staff of the Year award winners in six categories were announced, and 40 retirees were honored for their time in education. Of those, 16 employees retired with at least 30 years of service.

All honorees received handmade, glazed ceramic pottery. 

District Superintendent of Schools Dr. Doug Killian and PfISD Board of Trustees Vice-President Larry Bradley provided remarks at the event.    

Below is a list of winners in their respective category, as well as retirees:


Teacher of the Year (High School):

  • Brittany Slover (Connally)
  • Kirsten Nash (Hendrickson)
  • Heidi Reich (Pflugerville)
  • David Waldrop (Weiss)
  • Keith Gregory (PACE)
  • Eric Fitzgerald (Provan Opportunity Center)

Teacher of the Year (Middle School):

  • Jamie Eckert (Cele)
  • Scott Cargile (Dessau)
  • Christie Garrett (Kelly Lane)
  • Melissa Brydson (Park Crest)
  • Jessica Rocha (Pflugerville)
  • Cristina Ferrari (Westview)

Teacher of the Year (Elementary):

  • Meagan Lodzinski (Wieland)
  • Jordyn Johnson (Windermere Elementary)
  • Tania Gallegos (Windermere Primary)
  • Susan Kruger (Pflugerville)
  • Meghan Teenier (Riojas)
  • Lila Gomez (River Oaks)
  • Rebecca Detzel (Rowe Lane)
  • Kelsey Baird (Spring Hill)
  • Amber Peterson (Timmerman)
  • Mikaela Andres (Dessau)
  • Brianna Thompson (Highland Park)
  • Lorraine Huber (Mott)
  • Mary Katherine Higgins (Murchison)
  • Sarah Ameluxen (Northwest)
  • Brandy Hanson (Parmer Lane)
  • Mary Del Rosario (Barron)
  • Shari Griffith (Brookhollow)
  • Lisa Blancarte (Caldwell)
  • Dawn Grimes (Copperfield)
  • Leann Carnes (Dearing)
  • Irma Jaimes (Delco)

Rookie Teacher of the Year (High School):

  • Maria Portillo (Connally)
  • Jacqueline Gonzalez (Hendrickson)
  • Morgan Moody (PACE)
  • Francisco Vicent (Pflugerville)
  • Kylie Koonce (Provan Opportunity Center)
  • Rebecca Crutchfield Krumrey (Weiss)

 Rookie Teacher of the Year (Middle School):

  • Kelsey Shoepe (Dessau)
  • John Powell (Kelly Lane)
  • Sarah Gallardo (Park Crest)
  • Kyle Ryan (Pflugerville)

 Rookie Teacher of the Year (Elementary):

  • Darby Shankle (Rowe Lane)
  • Mitchell Berg (Spring Hill)
  • Tia Birt (Timmerman)
  • Tiffany Nelson (Windermere Elementary)
  • An Nguyen (Wieland)
  • Lizah Vallincourt (Brookhollow)
  • Angela Smith (Copperfield)
  • Carolina Gonzalez (Delco Primary)
  • Ana Morales (Dessau)
  • Tito Saquiche (Mott)
  • Ashley Rodriguez (Pflugerville)

Humanitarian of the Year (High School):

  • Joe Cervantes (Connally)
  • Sara Lucas (Hendrickson)
  • Elizabeth Slade (Pflugerville)
  • Patti Bergin (Weiss)
  • Julie Benitez (PACE)
  • Alexandria Anderson (Provan)

Humanitarian of the Year (Middle School):

  • Margaret Dominguez (Cele)
  • Ryan Morris (Dessau)
  • Haley Honey (Kelly Lane)
  • Pamela Christian (Park Crest)
  • O.B. Barrs (Pflugerville)
  • Tammy Bland (Westview)

Humanitarian of the Year (Elementary):

  • Gloria Valentin (Barron)
  • Taydra Cage (Brookhollow)
  • Jodi Witt (Caldwell)
  • Margaret Olivarez (Copperfield)
  • Dianna Gutierrez (Dearing)
  • Rebecca Bassett (Delco)
  • Brandi Spear (Dessau)
  • Anna Vazquez (Highland Park)
  • Sarah Boyle (Mott)
  • Patricia Baggerly (Murchison)
  • Audreya Valentine (Northwest)
  • Hilda Hernandez (Parmer Lane)
  • Samia Guerriche (Pflugerville)
  • Carrie Quinney (Riojas)
  • Judy Lau (River Oaks)
  • Denise Barela (Rowe Lane)
  • Susan Vandeloock (Spring Hill)
  • Tia Birt (Timmerman)
  • Susan VanDeWater (Wieland)
  • Krista Simonds (Windermere Elementary)
  • Kelly Gilbert (Windermere Primary)

 District Support Staff:

  • Brandy Ng (Aramark)
  • Billy Hartzell (Maintenance)
  • Eduardo Flores (Grounds)
  • Phat Tran (Support Staff of the Year)
  • Joseph Hernandez (Custodial)
  • Patrick Singleton (Technology)


  • Rosie Alejandro
  • Anita Alvarado
  • Julia Barbour
  • Delma Barrientos
  • Kimberly Cannaday
  • Maria Castro
  • Virginia Caudle
  • Kimberly Combs
  • Susan Davidson
  • Juan Diaz
  • Cindy Drake
  • Susan Duffey
  • Pam Felkner
  • Richie Gamel
  • Patricia Gilbert
  • Donna Green
  • Dawn Grimes
  • Kimberly Grona
  • Trieu Huynh
  • Sharyl Jones
  • Rita King
  • Paula Lapree
  • Wendy Mackey
  • Raymond Mikolajczyk
  • Bonnie Newman
  • Mary Norman
  • Valerie Poerschke
  • Jerry Richey
  • Melanie Rios
  • Vivian Rodriguez
  • Larry Russell
  • Rafael Salcedo
  • Elida Sandoval
  • Sherri Sheffield
  • Janice Sikes
  • Robin Speer
  • Cherrie Taylor
  • Maria Tolleson
  • Mary Ann Tovar
  • Kim Winn