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PfISD students qualify for state science fair

March 3, 2020

Students from the Central Texas area recently competed at the Austin Energy Regional Science Fair and Pflugerville ISD was well-represented with 109 first place ribbons, 11 special awards and seven state championship qualifiers.
Middle school and high school students competed in the junior/senior division with 12 students placing in the top five in their categories. Of those 12 students, seven finished in the top three to earn the right to compete at the Texas Science and Engineering Fair in College Station on March 27-28.
After scoring well at their home campus science fairs, a total of 218 PfISD elementary students took on the regional competition where 106 of those projects were awarded first place. Elementary students do not advance to a state championship level, the regional is their final site.
In addition to all the winning projects and state qualifiers, 13 PfISD middle school students and two elementary students received special awards for their projects from sponsoring organizations.
For more information on the fair and awards visit the Austin Energy Sciencefest website.
A list of PfISD project placements and special awards can be found below.
Project Top Five Awards

School  Student Place Category
Kelly Lane MS  Chibueze Onwujubba 5th  Computer Science: Hardware/ Embedded Systems
  Reuben Paul 1st   Robotics & Intelligent Machines
Pflugerville MS Camilla Eskaf 4th   BioMedical & Health Sciences
  Madilyn Ng & Chloe Wong 3rd  Cellular & Molecular Biology
  Darby Garvis 4th  Cellular & Molecular Biology
  Paul Gonzales 2nd  Mathematics
  Matthew Davenport, Luke Hale & Nicholas Myrick 3rd  Mathematics 
  Dallas Dunlap 5th  Mathematics 
  Sabastian Hamilton 4th  Plant Sciences 
  Vince Pham 1st  Plant Sciences 
Connally HS Linh Truong 1st Mathematics
Pflugerville HS Keira Tran, Ngoc Tran & Lamisa Mahmud 2nd  Plant Sciences
Ruth Barron ES Adelynn Bishop 1st  What Liquid Can Prevent Bananas from Browning?
  Juan Carlos Cupeles  1st  Do Video Games Affect Blood Pressure and Pulse in Adults?
  Skylar Eastman & Eva Garcia 2nd  Which Paper Towel Brand Should You Buy?
  Corbin Edwards  1st  Upside Down Plants
  Alan Escobar  1st  What Size Soccer Ball Will Roll the Farthest? 
  David Morales Marquez  1st  Que Pasaria al Gopear 3 Balones de Soccer, Cada Uno Con Cantidades Distintas de Aire?
Brookhollow ES Cameron Ashcroft 3rd This is How I Roll 
  Mackenzie Crouch 1st  Nature's Batteries 
  Kayden Kauff 1st  Kayden's Crystals 
  Edward King 1st Bright Idea
  Jacob Lemmons 1st Does Density Matter?
  Adalyn Lewis 1st Bright Lights 
  Michael Lewis 1st  Cool T-shirts 
  Bailey Parsons 1st A Sticky Situation - Gushing Geysers 
  Preston Pierce 1st  Time to Freeze 
  Henry Traugott 2nd  What is the best/worst place for a plant to grow? 
  Madelyn Wilson 2nd  9 Lives 3 Litters 
Caldwell ES Owen Alexander  1st  Which Fruit Has the Most Voltage 
  Kaylee Duck  2nd  And The Winner is... Golden Retriever vs. Yorkie 
  Tomas Gonzales  1st  Nailed It - The Problem with Soda 
  Jadea Hayes  1st  Serious Slime Science 
  Michael Blake Magnon  1st  Let It Rip
  Alexis Perez  2nd  Gummy Bear Reaction 
  Grace Villogomez  1st  Is Your Cat Tidy? 
Copperfield ES Aaron Cruz  1st  The Popcorn Experiment 
  Santina Cuartas  2nd  Speed Race 
  Hailey Gierse  2nd  Hailey Gierse 
  Tristan Guckian  2nd  Batteries Not Included! 
  Logan Hadley & Jaire Vargas  2nd  What Fragrance Will Last the Longest? 
  Jy'Nique Holliday  2nd  My Balloon Hovercraft 
  Kailtlyn Jones  2nd  What Liquid Freezes the Fastest? 
  Javier Mendez, Anthony Escamillo & Juan Jaimes  2nd  Long Lasting Batteries
  Chris Ortiz  2nd  Drip, Drip 
  Benicio Pedrosa  2nd  How Does Music Affect Your Mood? 
  Brianna Herrera Rivera & Alexa Boyd  1st  Which Paper Towel Absorbs More Water? 
  Aaliyah Stewart  2nd What Type of Paper Makes the Best Airplane 
  Marcus Vences, 2nd  Diaper Time 
Rolando Perez & Diego Cates 
  Josiah Wheatfall  3rd  Lemon Battery 
Dearing ES Damian Graham  1st  Shining Bright 
  Zachary Hahnenberg  2nd  The Altoid Bottle 
  Kamsiyochukwu Nwolisa  2nd  Should We Run Hot or Cold 
  Jacob Rosales  1st  Geode Experiment 
  Braxton Williams  1st  Tooth Whitening Experiment 
  Joseph Winn  1st  Brain Games Featuring Nintendo 
Delco ES Emily Martinez  2nd  Dissolve the Rainbow 
  Marely Orta  1st  Explode 
  Abigail Pena  2nd  Liquid Science 
  Lesley Rodriguez  2nd  Best Balloon for a Party 
  Christian Romero-Molina  1st  Cup and Coke Surprise 
  Farah Sheekh Ameen  2nd  My Experiment 
  Emily Sinkin  2nd  How do different types of material effect the stretchiness of slime? 
  Jaliyah Tasby  2nd  Do Plans Need Water? 
Dessau ES Kamea Burns  2nd  Orbeez 
  Liliana De Lara  1st  Which Liquids hate each other 
  Louis Ennis  2nd  Blue Lava in a Bottle 
  Crystal Jaimes-Jaimes  1st  Eroding Homes 
  Christopher Klesel  2nd Now You See Me, Now You Don't 
  Gabryella Martinez  1st  Electromagnetic Train 
  Nyah Muckerson  1st  Maximizing The Power Output of a Solar Cell 
  Chidera Okoye  2nd  The Light Reflection Challenge 
  Brian Saucedo  2nd  Heat Absorption Bottle Experiment 
Highland Park ES Aryana Allen  1st  Slime
  Kenleigh Bryant 3rd  Bye, Bye Gummy Bear!
  Peyton Hartford 1st  Acid Rain
  Gabriel Karim 1st  What Color Do You Prefer?
  Katelyn Mireles  1st  Which is the Best Cup to Insulate Hot Water? 
  Isabella Quintanilla 2nd   Gummy Bear Osmosis 
  Jaslynn Tolentino 1st   Marigold Bloomers 
  Diego Tovar  2nd   Oil Busters 
  Reid Vaterlaus  1st  Dr. Pepper vs. Sprite: Which Goes Flat Faster?
Mott ES Scottie Allison  2nd    Superworms vs. Hornworms 
  Carlos Blanco  2nd  Which Adhesive is Best for Stopping a Leak? 
  Nadia Ewell 2nd   Can You Go the Distance?
  Noah Ferrell 2nd  Burning Calories Literally 
  Eli Gutierrez 3rd   Gummy Growth
  Lillian Hernandez 1st   Iams vs. Blue Buffalo
  Zoe Manliclic 1st    Oh Say Can You See Vitamin C? 
  Cindy Nguyen 1st   Where on the pH Scale?
  Thomas Nguyen  2nd  How Far Will a Car Go on Different Surfaces? 
  Noah O'Hare  1st  What is the Most Thirsty Paper Towel? 
  Nolan Riviere 1st   Can You Handle the Distance?
  Sophia Serna  1st   Which Water is More Acidic?
  Kylie Sheppard  1st  How Much Liquid Can a Dog Potty Pad Hold?
  Benjamin Shuler 1st   Blast Off
  Jane Thompson 1st   Please Pass the Antacids
  Calah Williams  1st   Do Plants Groove to Music?
Murchison ES Jamie Alesso  1st   Egg Drop
  Kallie Almarez 2nd Fruit vs. Vegetable Battery
  Rosemary Barber  1st   Electromagnetism
  Adriaan Daemen  2nd  How Does What We Drink Affect Our Teeth
  Grant Error 3rd   Which Fat Falls Flat 
  Noah Garcia  1st   Making Solar Cooler 
  Landon Hall 1st   The Art of Hitting a Homerun
  Evelyn Hammack  1st  Naked Eggs and the Effects of Osmosis 
  Karson Kemp  1st  Which Liquid Will Rust a Nail the Fastest 
  Andrew Riley 1st   Puzzling Parallox
  Hunter Scott 1st   Master Blaster
  Addison Tennant 1st   Mass of a Penny
  Liam Tydings 2nd   Bouncy Grass 
  Benjamin Washer  1st  Acid Rocks 
  Jillian Wynia  2nd  Stop That Floating Train: Investigating With Magnets 
Parmer Lane ES Dorothy Adam  1st   Vision, Hearing, and Memory 
  Jeremiah Arnold  2nd   Rusty Wool
  David Bayreaux 1st   Merry Magnetic Strength 
  Aton Bowers  1st   Hey, Why is There Iron in my Food? 
  Gabriella De Paz  2nd   An Extra Sweet Experience 
  Logan Erboe 1st   Cars of the Wind 
  Natasha Hunter 2nd   Use Soap Not Germs 
  Faith Johnson  1st   Bouncy Eggs 
  Zsigmond Nyiri-Ware  2nd   Burning Fabrics with A Kid 
  Mariah Sy'mone Obey 1st   A Crystal Clear Idea 
  De'Adrean J. Rolon  2nd   The Penny Race
Pflugerville ES Karma Bolden  2nd   Sugar Crystals 
  Nico Boling  2nd   You Hear 
  Nathan Camiro  2nd   Ramp Rush 
  Quinn Cardwell  2nd   Time For Slime 
  Syrus Celly 3rd   Tom's vs Colgate 
  Calvin Golden  1st   It's Gone 
  Jewel Golden  2nd   Talk About Toast 
  Annabelle Hasbani  1st   Cartesian Divers 
  Haniyah Jarman  1st   Blowing Up Balloons Using Baking Soda and Vinegar 
  Tyler Leu 2nd   Evaporation Challenge 
  Azuriah Rioz 1st   Which Liquid Will Make Me Grow? 
  Elijah Westbrook 2nd   Elephant Toothpaste
  Ariah Wright  2nd   Pfun Pop
Riojas ES Thevindu Dananjaya  1st   Saving Aquatic Ecosystems from Chlorine Pollution
  Phoenix Fish 1st   Stroop Effect
  Brooklyn Pepin 1st   The Brookie Cookie Experiment 
  Avery Ramm 1st  Exploring Rust 
  Sarvir Singh 1st   Refraction in Action
  Bowen Smith 1st   The Science Behind Carnival Games 
  Breanne Walker 1st   Making a Clean Getaway 
  Perry (Trey) Wood  1st   Viscosity 
River Oaks ES Alexa Castro 2nd   Egg Project
  Jordan Hernandez 3rd   Elasticity 
  Christopher Holden 2nd   Color and Heat 
  Haris Mansoor 2nd   Candy Crystals 
  Steven Mendoza 2nd  Blow Me Up 
  Joshua Nguyen 1st   Homopolar Motors 
  Iqui Guerrero Rivera 1st   Magnetic Levitation 
  Leslie Rivera 3rd   The Force of Water 
  Chyna Salazar 3rd  How Different Do Liquids Clean Coins 
  Hollie Simpson 3rd   Stopping Oxidation 
  Zainab Tahir 1st  Density Tower 
  Mykel Van Buren 3rd  Egg Dunk 
  Chloe Wright  2nd   Up Up and Away
Rowe Lane ES Josie Aho  1st Cookie Wars 
  Haley Bell 1st The Great Pop Corn Pop-Off! 
  Karina Bon 1st Presbycisis much? 
  Weston Donaldson  2nd   Which Chewing Gum has the Longest Lasting Flavor? 
  Joaquin Enjambre 1st   Exploring Aloe 
  Octavian Glendenning 1st   Zooming Down the Fast Lane 
  Dean Larsen 2nd   Pitch Perfect Frequency 
  Carolyn Mikulsky 1st   Fresh or Dry Catnip 
  Shamus Russell  2nd   The Penny Washer 
  Adeline Sevegney  1st  Double Blind Experiment: Can You Tell the Difference Between Coke and Pepsi 
  Callan Sexton 3rd  Nerf it Up 
  Carter Thornock 2nd   Pumping Power 
  Nicholas Ward  1st   Rusty Nails 
Spring Hill ES Abby Yanini Alonzo  1st  State of Matter Turbines 
  Kingston Ehr  1st  Aerodynamics vs. Balloon Power 
  Jefry Johan Figueroa-Martinez  1st  Rocket Power 
  Rowan Garza  2nd  Apple Science 
  Kasen Ihrer  3rd  Sephora's Appetite 
  Daniel Padilla  2nd  DNA Extraction 
  Nekko Rojas  3rd  The Meltdown 
  Sophi Guadalupe Ruiz-rios  1st  The Inflating Balloons 
  Saiksha Shrestha  2nd  Dog's Preference 
  Zamarria Washington  2nd  Melting Chocolate 
Timmerman ES Aavan Adhikari  1st  Thick Wires vs. Thin Wires 
  Seamus Davis  2nd  What Materials Support the Most Load for a Boat? 
  Seanna Davis  1st  How Will Changing the Brand of Paper Towel Effect Its Absorbency? 
  Victoria Killough  2nd  Rainbows 
  Sadie Lara  2nd  Sink or Float 
  Mason Manuel  2nd  Static Flow 
  Avrie Massaro  2nd  Cupcakes! 
  Tanner Morales  2nd  Oh Chute 
  Anthony Shaw  1st  Marshmallow Z 
  Miles Waldo  2nd  Conductor or Insulator? 
  Clara Willis  1st  Well Blow Me Down 
Wieland ES Eyoab Addisu  1st   Float or Sink
  Mariam Akindiya 1st   How Colored Light Effects Plant Growth 
  Emily Bigelow 2nd   Crystal Absorption 
  Judah Contreras 1st   Fly Sky High 
  Van Henderson 2nd   How Will Climate Affect Solar Panels? 
  Isabella Olivier 2nd   Volcanoes 
  Jayden Ramirez 1st  A Frosty Affair
  Hudson Roberts 1st   How to Make an Electromagnet
  Bella Tran  1st   Buoyant Egg
  Milan Van  2nd   Will Sugar Make a Difference?
Windermere ES Leo Atkinson  2nd Does Listening to Classical Music Affect Your Memory?
  Ellie Brown 2nd  Fingerprinting Genetics 
  Absalon Cuartas 1st  Water Absorption 
  Evan Dossett 2nd  The Physics of Baseball 
  Micah Elizondo  1st   The Tale of Three Bridges 
  Autumn Henry  1st  How Changing the Amount of Sugar Affects the Taste of Chocolate Chip Cookies
  Trey Lanford 1st   Mulch and Moisture Management 
  Gerardo Lopez 1st   Magnetism VS. Extreme Temperatures 
  Jaya Loyola  1st   Let's Blow a Bubble 
  Saaiba Malik  2nd  How Wind Speed and Direction Affect Wind Power Generators 
  Isabella Mendiola 2nd   Is it Safe to Drink?
  Elizabeth Miller 1st   Dance Your Heart Out! 
  Heidi Miller 2nd   Dirty and Clean Water 
  J'Lynn Rodriguez 2nd   Soda Eruptions
  Samuel Routh 2nd  Ready Aim Fire 
  Lucas Tesfaye  2nd   Gone Light Through 

Special Awards

School  Student Award
Connally HS  Linh Truong Mu Alpha Theta
  Linh Truong Tyrex Group Award
Pflugerville HS Keira Tran, Ngoc Tran & Lamisa Mahmud Superintendent Award for Pflugerville ISD Sr
Kelly Lane MS  Chibueze Onwujubba Broadcom Masters SSP Award
  Reuben Paul Broadcom Masters SSP Award
Pflugerville MS Madilyn Ng & Chloe Wong Broadcom Masters SSP Award
  Matthew Davenport, Luke Hale & Nicholas Myrick Broadcom Masters SSP Award
  Paul Gonzales Broadcom Masters SSP Award
  Vince Pham Broadcom Masters SSP Award
Barron ES Alan Escobar Health Through Science Diploma Candidate
Parmer Lane ES Dorothy Adam Health Through Science Diploma Candidate