Brookhollow Elementary School


End of Year Letter from Principal Harris

Dear Family and Friends of Brookhollow Elementary,
We are at the end of an amazing school year. I wanted to share of few words of thank you to our PTO and parent volunteers, amazing talented and well-intentioned parent-run all-volunteer organization. Our focus has been on how parents and stakeholders can come together to help build a stronger school.
We recently (PTO board meeting) reflected on what we have done not to pat some of us on the back, but rather to acknowledge the good work we have done together and to celebrate our strength as a community. I hope you feel, as I do, that we have come together because we believe in our community and in our school and in our town and in the potential of our children.
For me personally, I have enjoyed my first year as principal of Brookhollow Elementary. I am especially appreciative of the willingness of so many to help whenever I have sent out a call for help, be it for a committee, or to volunteer for an event, or to donate to our cause.
My heartfelt thanks go to every one of you for your role in cultivating our community. Whether it was a large or small role or something in between.
But I must give special thanks to certain people, and you know who you are. I have continually been amazed by the incredible abilities of so many parents who have done so many things that I know were absolutely hard and above and beyond, but often so few actually know what kind of effort was involved. With almost everything big we have done, there is some blood, sweat and tears involved. And so I am most grateful to those parent volunteers who have made sacrifices for the benefit of our community.
Congratulations on another successful school year. I wish everyone in our Brookhollow Elementary School community a healthy, safe and happy summer!

Lisa Harris, M.Ed