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Pflugerville Police and Hawk Girls Softball team complete Coach Wozniak’s legacy project

*Contributed release from City of Pflugerville Communications Director, Terri Toledo 
Event: Thursday, February 9 at 3 p.m.
Where: Hendrickson High School Girls Softball fields, 19201 Colorado Sand Blvd (north of the football stadium – Parking Lot C)
What: Ceremony includes dedication of equipment shed and concrete slab
Pflugerville Police Chief Robledo who will pin officers who donated skills and labor to the project
Coaching staff and girls softball players will discuss Coach Wozniak’s leadership
Contact: Terri Toledo, Communications Director City of Pflugerville 512-990-6115 
Hendrickson High School, Pflugerville Police and Hawk Girls Softball team complete Coach Wozniak’s legacy project

On February 9 at 3 p.m. the City of Pflugerville Department and Hendrickson High School will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony and dedicate the newly constructed equipment shed and cement slab that have been completed for the Hendrickson girls softball program in honor of the late Coach Michael Wozniak.

“Coach approached me back in September 2016 because he envisioned an equipment storage shed and a concrete slab for the Hendrickson Softball program and needed help with its design, cost and construction,” Lt. Keith Ritchie said. “Working together, the community, softball team and police volunteers have completed the project and will proudly dedicate it in his honor at this ceremony.”
Hendrickson High School Board representatives, athletic staff, the softball team and Wozniak family will join Pflugerville Mayor Victor Gonzales and Pflugerville Police Department representatives for the dedication ceremony. Police Chief Jessica Robledo will present coins to Lt. Keith Ritchie, Officer Louis Becerra, Cpl. Kurk Anderson and Sgt. Kevin Reiff who donated their time and labor to complete the project.
The weekend of January 14-15, 2017 Pflugerville Police joined softball and baseball volunteers to spend the weekend constructing the building for the team. The project was a group effort. Head Softball Coach John Pepe of Concordia High School donated all the electrical work wiring, fixtures and install for the project. The softball team painted the completed shed in Hendrickson High colors. The cold windy temperatures and heavy occasional rains did not stop the volunteers from completing the project in Coach Woznick’s name. Because of their labor donation, money saved was used to purchase much needed new equipment such as batting cage nets, field supplies, uniforms and gear. As a special gift to the program and in Coach Wozniak’s memory, a 12 foot wide by 24 foot long new flat concrete pad was also installed for the girls hitting stations as a gift from Officer Becerra and Lt. Ritchie.

Project background:
In September 2016 Hendrickson High School Head Softball Coach Michael Wozniak approached Lt. Keith Ritchie of the Pflugerville Police Department about a community project that he wanted to plan. Coach Wozniak was able to get the school district to purchase a new piece of field grooming machinery for the Hendrickson High School Softball and Baseball teams, however the budget only allowed for the equipment, and not a storage building to house the machine. Since Lt. Ritchie had a background in construction, he met with Coach Wozniak and offered his assistance in building him a storage building.
Lt. Ritchie developed a plan to get the storage building designed and built at little to no cost to the softball programs budget. Lt. Ritchie acquired the services of Officer Louis Becerra who shared a background in construction, and the two met with Coach Wozniak on September 25, 2016 and prepared a cost breakdown of the building. Lt. Ritchie and Officer Becerra offered to donate all of the labor which dramatically reduced the price. Coach Wozniak was able to make a pitch to the Athletic Booster Club to fund the entire cost of the building. During these meetings Coach Wozniak had his “wish list” of future projects, one of those being a concrete pad so his softball girls could have a level surface to practice their hitting drills on.
On September 26, 2016, the Hendrickson High Athletic Booster Club board unanimously approved the funding of the entire project at no cost to the softball program. Lt. Ritchie met with Coach Wozniak the morning of September 27, 2016 to get started on the project plans. Tragically Coach Wozniak passed away unexpectedly that same night at his home in Pflugerville. Coach Wozniak dedicated his entire life to his students and athletes.

Terri Toledo
Communications Director
City of Pflugerville, Texas