Pflugerville Middle School


Credit Repair Opportunity

The staff at PMS know that making sure students master content is critical in our mission to Engage, Inspire, and Grow every student. Sometimes students fail to demonstrate that mastery in a 9 week grading period. This is an opportunity to repair a grade less than 70 reported for a 9 week grading period. This repair will not regain eligibility for students. It will, however, give them one more opportunity to demonstrate concept mastery and repair their grade up to a 70 for the nine weeks. 
Here are the rules:

  • Students will be given a 3-5 assignment menu to complete to repair the grade below 70.
  • A three week time frame from the close of the 9 week grading period will be provided for students to repair their credit. That time frame ends on the closing date of the first IPR of the new 9 week period. That is January 24, 2017, just for reference.
  • Students ARE NOT REQUIRED to attend tutorials for assistance, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  • IF credit repair options are met, the student may repair their 9 week grade up to a 70. If some, but not all, requirements are met, the teacher may choose to lift the grade based on what was completed, but keep the grade less than passing to give the student a mathematical chance of passing for the year. The teacher may also choose to award no points for an incomplete menu of items. The teacher's decision is final regarding the grade.