Kelly Lane Middle School


Online Suggestion Box

Thank you for using the online suggestion box!  Suggestions we have received and our responses:
A request to alter the of the yearbook so it is less than $40- the yearbook was priced less than $40 until May 1st.  We encourage students to buy their yearbook as early as possible, as this gives the best price break.  [added June 18, 2016]
A request to fix the showers and bathroom stalls in the girls locker room- thanks for letting us know!  We submitted a work order and it should have been fixed. If not, let us know! [added June 18, 2016]
A request to open both sets of doors in the back of the school for drop off- We have elected to only have one set of doors open in the back due to managing student flow inside the building.  All students arriving between 7:15 and 7:45 must report to the cafeteria; however, we will consider opening the top set of doors at 7:45.  This ultimately will be influenced by making sure we have a plan to ensure the exterior doors are secured after student arrival.  [added May 5, 2016]
UPDATED For the 16-17 school year, the upper doors are opened when staff members report to their duty stations at 7:45.
A request to alter the dress code- The dress code has been established by The Board of Trustees to establish a learning environment with minimal distractions.  Any changes to the dress code must be adopted by The Board. [added May 5, 2016]
A request to stop celebrating Columbus Day- The recognition of Columbus Day is not a campus level decision.  The Board of Trustees adopts a school calendar every year with input from staff and community members.
Add Trix to the cereal options in the morning- We have forwarded the request the cafeteria.  The cafeteria program is actually a contracted service, we do not have discretion over the meal options or pricing.  Any food offered in the cafeteria must meet specific nutritional standards.  Hopefully, they will be able to make this change. 
The athletic clothing for girls versus boys- We have contacted the coaches to make sure there are equitable practices between girls and boys athletics, as well as appropriate clothing options for students.