Lunch Sign Up

If you want to have lunch with your student, please sign up for a specific date and available table. The sign ups have been divided by month so the pages will load easier.  We believe this system helps to ensure that you have a smooth and fun lunch with your student, without the worry that we will run out of space to accommodate your plans.

If you are planning to have lunch with your student, please be mindful of the following requirements:
1. Bring food for your student only,
2. Sit at the designated tables with your student only, other students should not sit with you,
3. Limit your movement to the area of the designated tables, and
4. Use parent name only to sign (no student names, this is a public site).

We love having you here to support your student and be present during the school day. Please know that these requirements are to ensure the health and safety of all students.

August/September Sign Up

October Sign Up

November Sign Up

December Sign Up