Texting & Driving - It Can Wait

Texting & DrivingAs part of AT&T's national campaign - Texting & Driving - It Can Wait - to educate students about the dangers of texting and driving, student leaders at Connally High school took part in a kickoff event where PISD Superintendent Charles Dupre, Pflugerville Mayor Jeff Coleman and Rep. Mark Strama talked to them about the importance of remaining focused on the road when driving, and the potentially deadly consequences of texting while driving.

"We know texting and driving can have tragic results," Dupre said. "By partnering with AT&T to raise awareness of this dangerous behavior, we hope to educate our students and their families about the risks of texting and driving."

Students and the guest speakers signed a pledge that encourages them to be role models for both family and friends by not texting and driving. A banner provided by AT&T was also signed, and along with the pledge forms will make its way to both Hendrickson and Pflugerville high schools, where students will be encouraged to take part in the pledge.

Visit the AT&T Web site for more information about the Texting and Driving - It Can Wait campaign.

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