Traffic signal adjusted in front of Weiss

Sept. 10, 2018 

The below is provided by the City of Pflugerville:

The City of Pflugerville is adding a protected turn to the traffic signal at the Weiss Lane and Wolf Pack Way intersection starting Sept. 7 to improve safety and provide congestion relief.

The change creates a “split phase” where northbound and southbound traffic will receive green lights separately. Now, southbound drivers will see an arrow indicating right-of-way for a protected left into the school while northbound traffic sees a red. The northbound green will begin only after the southbound traffic red signal has started.

No changes have been made to the east and westbound traffic. The green signal for traffic leaving the high school westbound and the private driveway traffic eastbound will still operate together, so left turns from both of these directions should continue to yield to the opposing through or right-turning traffic. 

The city will continue to evaluate traffic flow in the area and provide notification on any future updates.