About Us

  • The Vision of the Provan Opportunity Center:

    Our purpose is to intervene socially, emotionally, and academically as we help students find their way. 



    The Mission of the Provan Opportunity Center:

    Our mission at the Provan Opportunity Center is to instill a growth mindset to provide students with the tools to contribute positively to their school and the community at-large.  We serve a diverse body of learners, providing opportunities for growth and success both academically and socially. 

    The Provan Opportunity Center is an alternative educational setting for at-risk students.
    Students from Pflugerville ISD's various campuses are referred to the Provan Opportunity Center for mandatory or discretionary offenses as defined under Senate Bill 1. The length of a student's placement at the Provan Opportunity Center is determined by the student’s age and the nature of offense, and is defined by the referring campus when a placement is initiated.
    During their stay, students will be taught by certified teachers in the four core academic areas of Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and Math. Additionally, we focus on meeting student related issues through individual or group counseling, or character education opportunities. Time will be provided for subjects that are taken for credit, but some work will be sent from home campuses. While we work to accommodate all student courses, there are some instances where electives will need to be changed.  For high school students, we will meet the needs of their current graduation plan.

    The Opportunity Center stands as the consequence for a student's behavior. Yet while here, we work to intervene and address the social, emotional, and academic issues that are impacting a student's life.  Our methodology is to provide a structured and positive learning environment, by promoting positive core values, implementing good choices, and deliver individualized instruction. This restorative approach embraces the student's and family's dynamic to successfully promote student citizenship and academic readiness. 





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