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    Wellness + Healthy Habits =WHEALTHY 
    Our mission is to equip learners with the knowledge, fitness, and skills that will empower them to make health and wellness a life-long priority.
    Grit Challenge
    Hey there, Mustang Fams,
    We can't wait for the school year to start. How about you? The start-up will be a lot different than any we have had in the past, but we're confident that we'll settle into a learning routine that satisfies all of our brains', bodies', and families' needs. 
    Mustang Movers, we've got this if we'll keep the main things the main thing-
    1. Strong Family First
    2. Sweat for 60 minutes each day 
    3. Eat food, not too much, fresh is best
    4. Stick to a healthy routine
    How are your Grit Challenges working out? I'm excited to reveal my results on August 13, right here. If your Challenge Sheet is unreadable, lost, or unstarted, you can get a new one here:    
    If it was sweaty and fun, you won!
    Mrs. Craft and Mr. Perez
     What's in a game?
    Physical education classes at MES are designed to develop your student's balance, body control, movement skills, knowledge base while instilling a preference for healthy habits. We follow the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards for Physical and Health Education plus the Coordinated Approach to Child Health program.  
    Come in anytime with your athletic shoes tied and have some fun with your child and 70 plus of his/her closest friends! Mr. Perez and I will appreciate your steps.
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