Current Bidding Opportunities

    Pflugerville ISD makes use of several procurement methods. The District refers to these methods collectively as "the bid process". The primary procurement method used by Pflugerville ISD is the "Request for Proposal". Other methods include "Competitve Sealed Proposals", "Request for Qualifications" and other methods as the District deems appropriate. Below is a list of current bidding opportunities and the district representative responsible for that bid opportunity. If you are interested in responding to a particular bid opportunity, please contact the designated district representative for additional information. All contact should be made in writing, through the appropriate email address provided.

    Please note that bid information is not considered "public" until after an award has been made. Pflugerville ISD will not share any information related to the bid process until the Board of Trustees has made an award. Interested parties may check the "Bid Status" column in the table below to ascertain where the district is in the current bid process. Once a bid opportunity has closed, there are three phases: evaluation, evaluation completed with an anticipated award date, and awarded. Once the bid has been awarded, the district will be glad to answer questions regarding each bid process.



    Bid Description

    Due Date


    Bid Status

    Contact Information

    20-039CP CHS Culinary Arts Renovations


    Attachment 1: A101 2017 Proposed Document


    Attachment 2: A201 2017 Proposed Document


    Attachment 3: PfISD Board Adopted Wage Rate Scales

    August 11, 2020

    2:00 pm 

     Addendum 1


    Addendum 2


    Addendum 3: Due Date Extension


    Addendum 4: Coming Soon




    RFP 20-028ST Flooring and Installation Services

    August 19, 2020

    2:00 pm