• 90% Attendance Policy
    A student must be in attendance 90% of the days the class meets.  In the fall, we have 78 school days (39 A days and 39 B days) and in the spring we have 102 days (51 A days and 51 B days).  To calculate the 90/10 split, you have to take in to account whether the days missed are A or B days.
    In the fall, a student could miss 4 A days and 4 B days and still get credit without making up any hours.
    39 x .90 = 35.1 (35 days present and 4 days absent)
    In the spring, a student can miss 5 A days and 5 B days and still get credit without making up any hours.
    51 x .90 - 45.9 (46 days present and 5 days absent)
    Taken together that equals 162 days present and 18 days absent which is a 90%/10% split in a 180 day calendar. 
    If a student is denied credit, he/she will receive notification from the Front Office with instructions to see the Front Office staff to make arrangements to make up class hours. 
    Make-up hours are required on the student’s 5th absence per class (including excused absences with a parent/medical note) for 1st semester and on the student's 6th absence per class (including excused absence with a parent/medical note) for 2nd semester. Your student will not receive credit at the end of each semester unless they have completed hours owed. If you have any questions about your Pflugerville High school student's make up hours, please email  Marisol Peña at Marisol.Pena@pfisd.net or call 512-594-0523.