• Why work in PfISD?  

    • Pflugerville ISD's beginning teacher salary is competitive in the metroplex area. All PfISD teacher salaries continue to be competitive for all levels of experience. 
    • Outstanding teachers in PfISD are recognized annually and given financial rewards by the PfISD Education Foundation.
    • Low teacher/student ratios are a PfISD standard.
    • Critical-needs stipends are paid annually to teachers hired in selected critical-needs areas.
    • Great benefits packages that include four self-funded medical plans as well as many other supplemental products that benefit you and your family. Our plans provide low cost, benefit-rich options from which to choose.
    • Bilingual teachers serving a bilingual classroom receive a competitive annual stipend.
    • Presentation stations are accessible to all teachers, providing assistance in conducting lessons and classroom duties, as well as access to email and online resources.
    • Comprehensive, research-based, and data driven Professional Learning and staff development programs are provided to enhance the knowledge and skills of all staff.
    • Administrative Internship opportunities for teachers whose interests may extend to administration and district-level leadership are provided.
    • All student computers in classrooms, libraries, and labs are on a five-year replacement cycle.
    • A mentor program is provided for all teachers new to PfISD. 
    • New teachers are welcomed to the district each year with subject-specific staff development
    • An electronic district-wide staff newsletter is distributed regularly to keep employees up-to-date on benefits and district news.
    • Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program offers debt relief for teachers with federal loans.
    • St. David’s and PelotonU Work Program Pflugerville ISD has partnered with St. David’s North Austin Medical Center and PelotonU on a work program that will allow PfISD graduating seniors and recent graduates to work during their college career while also earning tuition reimbursement. 

    What's it like to work in PfISD?

    We’ve profiled a variety of our staff in a variety of jobs – each of whom passionately serve in their role. Click to watch how YOU can make a difference in the lives of our students: 

    Bus Driver   Crossing Guard   Counselor
    Custodian   Food Service   Education Assistant
    Extended Day Program     Librarian     Teacher